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Posted by OC Hoops on November 15, 2017 at 06:59:09:

In Reply to: Re: Public Schools posted by truth on November 12, 2017 at 13:24:33:

: : : : : : : : Small private schools continue to pop up all over southern California. This has hurt the public schools. What really stands out to me is the height or lack of it now in public schools. I see games that look JV games but they are varsity teams. Lack of height in public schools is so very noticeable.

: : : : : : : Name a small private school that "popped-up" in the last 3-5 years that is relevant.. Pacifica Chr/OC.. name one more..
: : : : : : : The problem isn't "small private schools".. the problem is BIG private schools who over-fill their rosters with kids who will NEVER play a minute on the varsity. Look at the website for some of the big boys- one had like 80+ players in the program last year. A lot of those kids would be solid varsity players at their neighborhood school but will be end-of-bench varsity players in the Trinity League.

: : : : : : Take off your horse blinders and look around southern California like I stated. You are like most as you read, hear and see what you want to. Maybe I touched a nerve with you, is your son one of those 5'8" guys?

: : : : : BWAHAHAHAHA.. clever comeback.. "is your son.."
: : : : : I asked a very direct question- NAME ONE "SMALL" SCHOOL THAT POPPED UP IN THE LAST 3-5 YEARS THAT IS RELEVANT".. you stated originally "small private schools popping up.. blah blah" OK, name one.
: : : : : And, smart guy, if I had a son who was a 5'8 guy at our local HS and he was on varsity, wouldn't I be HAPPY that the tall kids all went to all these new small schools that popped up? Oh, and the point of the big private schools snatching up kids who will never play is still valid. Watch MD or any other Trinity League team- 7-8 guy rotation- 12 more guys on the bench never seeing the floor- most of which would start if they stayed home with their friends.

: : : : : Now.. try again without the classic socalhoops retort that people use when they have not evidence..

: : : : Carnegie Schools-Riverside

: : : Nope. Try again. Carnegie was not a pop-up. It was the conglomeration of a bunch of small schools who were going to shut down unless they merged. Carnegie is basically Riverside Christian under new administration. They're basically going to end up like a Fairmont Prep model- they have satellite and junior high campuses all over the place.

: : They were a conglomeration of sorry ass schools that learned how to recruit internationally. I know their whole story. FOH.

: That's not untrue- but it's still not one of the many "small schools that popped up" as stated by the original poster. Carnegie is a great example of what is what's wrong with HS sports, but it's not like they opened up out of the blue. Now, the European kids that popped up out of the blue last year- that's a different case.
: I think what should be happening is that public schools, especially neighborhood schools who do it "the right way" by coaching their butts off with the kids who walk in the door should all refuse to do business with schools like that- don't schedule them, don't invite them to your tournaments, don't let them in your summer league, whatever. When everyone starts boycotting them, they may get the hint. But the problem is that the local schools LOVE having these guys in their tournaments because they want their money- entry fees, they tend to travel well so you get big $$ at the gate and snack bar..

The post above is right on. I don't have a problem with private schools doing what they have to do to keep their doors open. I do think the CIF, which is the member schools, should separate public & private at the league & section level. This would remove a great deal of the animosity.

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