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Posted by truth on November 09, 2017 at 20:05:21:

In Reply to: Re: Kyle Kuzma posted by my 2 cents on November 06, 2017 at 10:00:13:

: : : Kuzma, who is one of my favorite players to watch, is very good and should keep getting better. However, in comparing him and Zo, he has a big advantage. He is 22 years old. Lonzo is 19. That is a huge difference, age wise. Kuzma is more mature, both mentally and physically. Lonzo will eventually catch up. Right now, people need to stop hating on the very young players, namely the teenagers. They are still young boys compared to all the grown men around them. They will get better, but, will need time to grow. And, for those now touting D Russell, remember, he is 2 years older than 'Zo. He has two years of pro ball under his belt and should be better at this point. But, remember, Deangelo was struggling in the beginning, too. Give 'Zo some time (a couple of years) to develop and catch on to the NBA game before we truly judge him.

: : : : Forget Lonzo, Kuzma is the truth!

: : Why is everyone hating on LONZO he hasnt said one word. stop hating him for what his dad has said.

: Anyone see the Nets vs Lakers game? I saw DRuss shoot like crap, I saw DRuss get blown by for layups off the dribble. I saw DRuss get easily beat for backdoor layups while he was ball watching. Lakers new management team knew he is a get #s players for losing teams, so that is why they shipped him out.

: I wonder if Lakers would have been better off with the Big in that draft or trading down or is Porzinger now the 2nd best of that draft? [KAT who is clearly the best]

You can't have it both ways. You can't go "one and done," turn away from "being a kid" in college, sign a pro contract, start your own brand- and then not get criticized for playing like crap. Whether Zo has said anything or it's all Daddy is irrelevant. Zo could easily have taken spotlight off and gained the respect of almost everyone if he had shut his dad down from the time he stepped foot on UCLA's campus or from the minute he announced he was leaving. If he had shut him down, and publicly made a simple statement- "that's my dad, I love him, but I explained to him that his mouth is going to hurt my career.." no one would be saying 2 words about his poor play right now.
As it stands, he doesn't defend, he can't shoot at all, and he has no on-court charisma- NONE. They say he's like Magic? He's not even close. Magic was a leader, ALWAYS played at full speed, took pride in playing and winning both ends of the court. He wasn't a good defender, but he'd NEVER stand there straight-legged watching the ball like Lonzo does.
Yeah, Kuzma is good.

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