Chaminade has 1 locally decent varsity player

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Posted by Justin Credible on November 05, 2017 at 13:09:17:

In Reply to: Re: The Mission league is hot garbage. posted by Captain obvious! on November 05, 2017 at 11:45:49:

: :
: : : The Mission league is hot garbage. They have great fans but let's stop overrating the hoops teams. The early rankings of teams in it is all off. How do people put Alemany over Crespi? You know that Brandon Williams is over there right? Crespi coaching > Alemany coaching. It hurts to say it but Alemany isn't better than Harvard Westlake.
: : : 1. Crespi - Brandon Williams, Brandon Williams, Coach Russ, Kyle Owens
: : : 2. Harvard Westlake - Johnny Juzang, if he passes the ball once in awhile. Coaching Staff is good.
: : : 3. Alemany - DJ & Fred are coo. Coaching is garbage juice. 3rd in the league because the rest of the league isn't good.
: : : 4. St Francis - Time to get off of the St Francis has great coaching wagon. The team is always near the bottom of the league & the coach is always touting his team. With Javon (formerly Village) & Dennis (formerly Chaminade) they should be better. But they'll be top 4 because of a struggling league.
: : : 5. Loyola - good coaching & nice gym.
: : : 6. Notre Dame - The new coach has them playing well together but idk if they have the horses to be top 5 in their league. But they looked a lot better playing team ball this summer than they did last most of year.
: : : 7. Chaminade - man they're bad. And they're going to be bad for a long time. They just keep making bad decisions. They should've taken Vincent Oliver from Notre Dame. He isn't a great coach but he'd be better than Coach Cantwell who's going to do daddy ball. They're playing freshman and those kids aren't varsity players.

: : I saw nade beat Valencia and the two freshmen led the way. What your beef with them? They are two of them and they are not as bad you making them out to be! Grown Man have beef with the two freshmen? Would love to know why?

: This is what happens when spend to much time in the jungle, you will go insane!! Everyone know the mission is down this year! If you read his post , he is mad that Oliver did not get the Job. The question to Mr Nuts. If mission league is so bad there are no varsity players on any of the teams? Not just the freshmen at nade. Also are you implying the Cantwell have better choices than them? Saw them beat Calabasas and the freshmen hit the game winner!

Stop it. Are you seriously going to say that the freshman are varsity ready because he hit a game winner against Calabasas? Ugh...
...last year and the year before I said that we have to stop pushing away Raheem for Tanner. It's not just because of the play. It's also because of the parents who thinks that their kid is great when they aren't. I'm not going to talk negatively about a high school kid. But I will about parents and school admin and coaches who does what Chaminade continues to do. Yes! Cantwell had better choices than the kids on that roster. But he didn't want them because now he can play who he really wants and excuse it as "hey, that's who I have." KJ Martin and Dennis Flowers should still be at Chaminade. They're not because if admin. Cantwell will play daddy ball. Chaminade turned down transfers because Cantwell wanted these kids. It wasn't about building a program, what's good for kids or school. It was nepotism. Chaminade and Notre Dame will be bottom feeders in a bad league. The freshman at Chaminade are not varsity level players even for this bad team. Instead of learning from their mistakes Webb doubles down. I really don't know which school is run by a more incompetent group, us or Village. Whenever you're compared to Village you know that you've done something wrong.

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