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Posted by truth on October 23, 2017 at 18:45:46:

In Reply to: Re: Ball doesn't hustle ! posted by Coach on October 23, 2017 at 16:00:47:

: : : : : Plays at one speed. Won't work hard to get a lead pass. Lopez and Bogut gave him a strange look. Didn't play hard last night. Other players hustle and can shoot ! Stands straight up alot. Stop praising him !

: : : i just told my son that he doesn't fight to catch ball on in bounds or initiating offense. noticed that in ball last night also, too cool to try hard it seems, plus a lot of his turn overs are coming off lazy passes... needs to adjust sooner than later

: : He will figure it out I think. For right now there might not be a player worse in the NBA than him getting through screens....its just horrible whether its on or off ball. Check the last 3 minutes of the game. When he came in they had the lead and how many points did his man score down the stretch?? Don't like his body language either. He's 19 with a lot on his plate especially with big mouth telling everyone how great he is.

: :: Lonzo looks the same every game. He will get better.Tell your son, if he works hard he may get to the NBA, like Lonzo. Until then keepsitting on the couch critiquing a NBA player and hating on Lavar smh!

It's so laughable, the automatic line about "your son".. look, Lonzo gets an NBA paycheck, puts on an NBA uniform, and plays on an NBA team. But what he exhibited last night on both end of the floor- 3/13 FG (0/5 3pt FG), 8 reb, 13 assts, 5 TOs is about as average to below-average as it gets. Not counting the numbers, his body language and interest is absurd. He is as uninterested in defending as anyone that's ever played- and that includes Carmelo Anthony. He stands straight up, not evening thinking about reading a next pass, helping, or making a play of any kind on that end of the floor. Maybe because the Baller Brand of basketball has always been about letting the other kids on the floor defend so the Ball boys can run down and get easy buckets. That doesn't happen in the NBA. He's supposed to be this Magic Johnson-caliber PG (not my claim- Magic's and LaVar's claim), someone who changes the game. Go look it up, you'd NEVER see Magic exhibiting the body language on display last night. I know, I know, he's only 19. Magic was only 20.
The point is, you can't make these all-time great claims and then have the kid go out and look like he's playing just another Sunday travel tournament game where everyone gets a little medal and a juice box- and THAT's what he looked like last night.

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