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Posted by Observer on October 19, 2017 at 15:19:44:

In Reply to: Re: Basketaball Club Teams, Training, and Scouting/Recruiting Service posted by Parent on October 18, 2017 at 16:47:39:

: : : : : : Since 1989 serving the Basketball Community! You can contact us at 714-549-7663 or E-mail us at Good luck this season!

: : : : : Do you have high school teams right now? Thank you

: : : : No one has club high school teams running in tournaments or events now. High school teams (that is teams of kids who will play together for the same high school) are mostly now participating in fall league games. So most high school teams are participating already as "teams" even though it's not yet the season of sport for CIF competition.

: : : : These guys (Moore) also have younger club teams for pre-high schoolers, much like ARC or other similar grous. They also conduct training and workouts for groups and individuals. Lastly, they (mostly Mike Moore, a huge blowhard who comes on this board and posts a lot) claim to run some sort of "scouting and recruiting service", but most of their players do not wind up at D1 schools, but at other lower division colleges (where the notion of a player or parent of a player paying to be recruited by a college is fairly controversial). This fellow claims to have had hundreds of players sign at colleges, but when people ask him to name names, it never seems they get posted here.

: : : : Also, this guy's posts used to be routinely deleted, but lately I see he's being allowed to post maybe once or twice a week.

: : : : His posts are frequently followed up by someone who claims Moore has posted "racist" remarks on the message board, but I've never seen any of that, and if it ever occurred it must have been years and years ago. The guy posting about racist stuff is probably someone who runs a competing program, and I have seen those posts get deleted lately almost as quickly as they are put up.

: : : : BTW, you can always tell a Mike Moore post, because they have really oddball and distinct grammar and sentence structure; he capitalizes words (mostly nouns) in the middle of sentences and tends to use a lot of exclamation marks, often posting under fake names like "John" or "Tom" or "Bob" or "Pat" sometimes replying to his own messages but with a different name to make it look like other people are responding.

: : : : I guess from what he says he was a heck of a high school player 30 or 40 years ago, but if he was, he's the only one who ever talks about it.

: : : : That doesn't make him a bad trainer, just a kind of odd duck sort of guy.

: : : : Lastly, I think it's a fair statement to say that I've never seen any post here in all the years I have been reading this blog from anyone who actually seems to like Mike Moore. But he is his own biggest fan club, so I will give him props for self-promotion.

: : : The racist posts were posted by him in January of 2017. He made a terrible remark about Mexican and Asian trainers.

: : I will promise you two things about Coach Mike Moore, he knows more people then anyone in Basketball and is more respected! He has had more Student/Athlete play for High Schools and in College then anyone! Yes, I saw him play could have been the best player ever in Orange County! How many Players still have High School and College Records for 30 years standing! By the way he played Pro Ball in a lot of places, including Japan and Mexico. Never heard him say any Racial statements!
: There's your proof this post is by Mike Moore . About himself . Enough said. Oh and he has no teams just throws kids together for money

Moore sucks. All he does is run his mouth.

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