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Posted by Non SS Games on October 02, 2017 at 08:29:52:

In Reply to: Re: New CIF Divisions posted by Coach on October 01, 2017 at 20:06:31:

: : : : : Yup! The calculations are selectively off. The "massaging of the data" might be an end to a means of keeping typical distributions of "same league" teams! The "At Large" ticket is the only way for "entitled" teams "Playoff" entry! There is also the "Automatic Bids" too. Imagine a "true calculated" Division that results with 32 "Automatic Bids"!!! No hope for you anyone else!! CIF....Transparency is the best way to deal with this situation! Admit that the need for selective placement is necessary and just increase your budget for legal fees next year!

: : : :
: : : : Both sides need to show their work here. How do we know "Ditto" added the numbers up correctly according to the guidelines? A possible error would be forgetting to weight the previous season's number at 33% and this season's at 67%

: : : :
: : : : Ex: (x + 2y)/2 = 2018 point total for placement

: : : : x is the 2016 power point total
: : : : y is last season's power point total

: : : The weighting per year is easy algebra, the hard thing is figuring out what division teams that are not from this state belong to. For instance, when teams go out of town and play a tournament in Hawaii, Florida or Illinois, what points are allocated to those team wins and losses?

: : : Also, are you supposed to add the points for every game then divide by total games played? CIF is not giving very specific guidelines.

: : Games against teams not in the southern section are not counting in the point system. Those games are dropped like they never happened as far as making the point system.

: Thanks for the clarification but where does it state that? I just want to be able to follow the instructions correctly for the calculations. I'm not so concerned on where my team ended up but want to understand the current system in order to provide feedback on how to improve it if necessary.

: We all know the high sports culture has been changing the last few years, more holdbacks, more transfers at both private and public schools, less oversight from CIF on reasons for transfers, more recruitment emphasis at club over HS programs, etc. All these changes are making it hard to provide an equitable ranking system for High schools that are in a constant state of flux. Maybe there should be a CIF champion for schools that bring in high caliber transfers and another champion for the local schools that play with whatever kids live in that community. Would that be fair? I don't have the solutions but believe the playoff divisions need to take into account the make up of the current team instead of or in addition to its record over the past two years.

: But getting back to the calculations, can CIF please provide a better set of instructions? Or simple show an example from a random team.

I get it's hard to calculate non-SS teams into the formula, but to just ignore them is not the answer.

Going out of state to play top teams should be considered in some way. Or weak teams for that matter.

Same with scheduling City teams. Games with schools like Fairfax, Westchester, Taft, and Birmingham should be nothing but basically exhibitions? Crazy.

I don't know the answer, but there is still work to do here.

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