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Posted by Coach on September 29, 2017 at 11:58:08:

In Reply to: Re: High School Coach Needs Help posted by Original Poster on September 29, 2017 at 11:12:30:

: : : : Ask Canyon, they struggle last two years after getting rid of thier coaching staffs....

: : : Now days its about Club! Most of the best kids go to Club practices and Games, versus the High School Team. Some kids and many Home School kids get their just play Club now and train. The best kids are getting recruited to the private Schools and leave public Schools for a Free Education, more competition and exsposure! High School Kids do not have to pay to play in a High School Program! Many of these Parents and Players are not vested, so they come and go and do what they want. I really Like High School Basketball, but feel bad for Public High School Coaches, they make money being Teachers! Only the Private School Coaches make money. Times have changed for the worse and now days the Parents control High SChool or kids get enabled! Noone wants to fight "Lawsuits" or have bad publicty, so the Athletic Director, Principal, and Coach will settle. Sometimes the High School Coach will get fired, because of the Parent who creates the issue. For the Varsity Coach, not many people want to be Assistants or Coaches at lower levels anymore since the kids and Parents control the politics and the Program. Noone can afford to live on a Public School Coaching Stipend! If you really want to be a Coach and make money you need to go to Club, College, or the Pro level.

: : Regarding the original post, it seems it could be the coach is not a leader? Not everyone had leadership skills. See it everyday in the corporate world. Promote the top salesman to manager. No leadership skills and the entire department including the former top salesman are miserable. That is just an analogy. Happens everywhere and basketball included. If you can not and do not show quick progress with the ability to continue to develop players at a high level you will be successful. Why? People see and will want that for little johnny.

: Took the program from one that couldn't get out the basement of its league and won mulitple league championships. Only one way we did that was to put in a lot work. We have the same expectations same staff same everything as we did now all of the sudden they can't or won't handle the expectations. Hoping its just a down part of a cycle, I don't know just know that it is frustrating and wanted to see if others have experienced the same. Thanks for the input.

Coach I commend you for your honesty. This can be a rough job and one where the program goes through cycles. If you have admin support just continue to do what you do and control what you can. Give it your all, give the players your full energy and the ones that care will rise above the ones who were only in it until it got hard. It is definitely the nature of the beast these days however and I am seeing it at our school more and hearing from friends as well.

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