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Posted by Valley Coach on September 13, 2017 at 10:01:40:

In Reply to: Screw the show.... posted by Caster Troy on September 12, 2017 at 21:17:43:

: : : : : : I watched a few episodes of the BBB reality show. Is anyone else really annoyed with Melo? I know that he's a kid. It's tough to say it, but he's annoying af. The show helps to show Lavar in a different light. But Melo, damn. I know that guys are going to say that I shouldn't say that. But damn.

: : : : : why is he annoying?? immature?? attention seeker? a dork?

: : : :
: : : : Basically, he is a typical 15/16 year old kid. He pops off and says stupid stuff. Lavar has to put him in his place with language and stuff.

: : : : The show is really about Zo and Melo, with the Lavar/Tina rehab as a subplot.

: : : : Gelo barely gets any time, no doubt due to NCAA rules.

: : : : The best part actually is the stuff with Tina. While Lavar may be a blowhard the rest of the time, his time rehabbing Tina and doing stuff with her is very touching.

: : : : Glad to see her getting better.

: : :
: : : Man cut it out. He is a 16yr old kid at the end of the day. I don't know to many 16yr olds who are not annoying at times, hell most of the time. Only difference here is it is put on front street. I enjoy the show all around and have a 16yr old myself so when I see Melo I just laugh because he does the same things mine does. Think back on bein 16 and I'll bet your parents wanted to smack u a lot of the time too.

: : Teenagers will be teenagers. Lamelo is acting like a spoiled kid from Chino Hills. Guess what? He's a spoled kid from Chino Hills. Kids from Crossroads, Buckley etc act along those lines.

: I'm not watching it but when I read Zo state "Nas ain't hip hop"
: I lost my marbles! I'm still pissed that came out of his mouth!

That was hurtful. I was embarrassed to be a Lakers' fan. Not only did he say that Nas wasn't hip hop, he said that real hip hop was Migos.

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