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Posted by Bill of Goods on September 04, 2017 at 07:40:01:

In Reply to: Re: Stanley Johnson posted by Coach on September 03, 2017 at 19:28:19:

: : : : : Just saw these ball is life videos and Charlie and frazze if these guys are his skill team you wonder why he isn't a rookie Allstar or sophomore Allstar these guys never played or been in nba combines Stanley will be out the league soon look at Derrick Williams 2nd pick Charlie got him looking like a high school player on workouts

: : : : ya get what you pay for

: : : :::Charlie Torres is a solid person and very good trainer. It's not his fault for the tanking of Johnson. Johnson just lacks self humility and respect bottom line. Too entitled as a HS player and even in college. You don't tash talk The Greatest Player in the World (Lebron James) who's paid his dues. Heard his teammates in Detroit can't stand him because of his "entitlement mentality". Johnson will continue to be an average NBA player and eventually be phased out, however, he can manage to repair some what he's damage, but it won't be easy.

: : So the 21 year old kid is tanking? The kid lost his mom just as he's entering the NBA. Sometimes mistakes are made trying to deal with something like that at a young age. Truly no need to bash, time will tell if he's a player.

: It's apparent by your post bashing Stanley that you don't know him. He doesn't feel entitled and worked hard to earn everything he's received. Less than 1% of high school players make the pros. Again you have a right to your opinion but it's out of lack of knowledge.

Stanley is an NBA player. I believe he knows who can help him and who would be selling him a bill of goods. Only so many NBA jobs and Stanley has one of them. If he stays healthy, we should have a 10 + NBA career. Grow up.

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