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Posted by See a Dr. on August 24, 2017 at 20:44:35:

In Reply to: Re: Call it like it is posted by Justin Credible on August 22, 2017 at 23:19:05:

: : : : : : : : SO a full summer under Mr. Princeton ........ whats the verdict?

: : : : : : : : Going to beat Valley Torah, Buckley, Providencce and other Div 5 & 6 teams but still 2-8 in league?

: : : : : : : Bottom line is they need more talent.

: : : : : : : Hard to win in Mission League with what they have.

: : : : : : : ND will fight it out with St. Francis at bottom of league.

: : : : : : : 2-10 or 3-9 is very likely. If the coach is smart, he schedules easy pre-season to get over .500 and qualify for playoffs.

: : : : : : St. Francis won't be at the bottom of the league. They improved slightly. Village Chr helped other schools by being such a toxic place.
: : : : : : Bottom of the Mission league will be fought between Notre Dame and Chaminade. I'm almost sure of it. There's rumors of daddy ball already starting with Coach Cantwell. I can't say for sure but I wouldn't put it past Chaminade. I'm not complaining, just saying what the state of the basketball program is. I'm predicting that Chaminade finishes at the bottom of the Mission league. I'd be surprised if they combine for 3 league wins.

: : : : :
: : : : : For what it's worth - my neighbor's kid is on JV team and said Cantwell's kid may not even be on varsity. And certainly won't play a lot if he is. So I don't think that is an issue.

: : : : : Also he said they have five really good frosh. He wasn't sure what teams they were going to be playing on.

: : : : 1...sigh... there aren't 5 really good freshman. There isn't. No... there isn't.
: : : : 2... sigh... Cantwell will be on varsity.... will start.... ugh

: : :
: : : So I followed up with the neighbor's kid...

: : : 1. The five frosh are good, but most will probably play JV. The leap should be next year or the year after.

: : : 2. He told me no way Cantwell's kid starts. The neighbor thinks he will make varsity because he is a junior. But no way he starts.

: : : But you know, this is from a 16 year old. So take it for what it's worth.

: : : Of course, he is actually around the team(s) everyday...

: : Justin you make all these assumptions without even seeing a team play. This summer Chaminade had two freshman who played a lot. One of them will be the best player on the team - he is very good. They actually had a good summer, beat some good teams.

: You're making an assumption that I'm assuming and don't know what's happening at Nade. No freshman currently at Nade will be the best player on the team. If you're saying that any of the freshman will be impactful, let's ignore "best player," then you're a parent trying to start a hype trend. The reality is that Luke Webb is the best player on the team. The team will be at the bottom of the Mission league.
: Notre Dame has no problem with their basketball team being bad. They were never good and they have a great baseball program, very good football and very girls volleyball. No excuse for neglecting boys hoops but... whatever. With all of that said, they look better than Nade. Chaminade had a good and rising program a few years ago. Now... ugh. Trending downward.
: But like Notre Dame, Chaminade isn't pretending to be something that they'll not. They're not saying that they want a good hoops program. It's disappointing but it is what it is. Even Jack Pollon has backed off of Chaminade.

Omg!!! I've heard that if you have an erect**n for longer than 4 hours you should see a doctor and I'm pretty sure you've had a hard ** for ND for at least 6 months. Get that checked out. Seriously!!! Maybe a girlfriend/boyfriend/a job? Something to take up your time other than trying smack talk ND. It's old now. We get it. You've said 10K times how bad you think ND is/was/ and will be. Find something else to latch on to.

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