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Posted by goodgame? on August 07, 2017 at 14:11:25:

In Reply to: Re: SCC > Heritage Chr posted by tankkid? on August 06, 2017 at 17:39:22:

: : : : : : : : : : : Why are people talking about Santa Clarita Christian basketball? They're not the best team in that area. Heritage Christian is better. Dillon Depina and Noah Fernando is a better core than SCC. Heritage is underrated this year.

: : : : : : : : : : SCC is in Santa Clarita, while Heritage is in the Valley. Completely different areas.

: : : : : : : : : : Santa Clarita is light years ahead of HC, Paul loses a handful of kids each season he's been at HC, why are these kids jumping ship so much. Santa Clarita Christian coach isn't the best but he manages the hell out of a game and has 6 solid guys he can depend on HC has 2 maybe 3.

: : : : : : : : would be a good game for this year

: : : : : : : : starr brothers with lowery brothers and veluzat against depina, yenney, fernando, todd, tampus and freshmen kids

: : : : : : : ^thats a landslide for SCC. The Starrs & 1 Lowrry brother should beat that HC team. SCC coach is a lot better than HC's. SCC kids played with each other for a long time. They play like a team. HC has a bunch of guys that plays individual basketball.

: : : : : : Paul Tait hasn't won anything. He can not coach.

: : : : : He has been a head coach for 3 yrs and took a losing program to the Open Division and won a league title. Not a great coach, longtime assistant at some good programs, but hasnt been a head coach that long. So correct, hasnt won anything.

: : : : So just to be clear, if you dont win a CIF or State Title you cant coach? And if they had stay in 2a and not gone to Open wouldve won Cif title hands down.

: : : SCCS is winning that game HANDS DOWN...LOL if u think ben todd and noah fernado are special you don't know basketball. Ben Todd wants to be a guard but doesnt have the body or skills to even get past half court and fernado has slowly but surely continually dropped off each year...those guys have capped out. SCCS has a squad with the lowery and starr brothers and penberthy who will continue to get better and better every day. this game isn't even a question SCCS wins easily at heritage lol

: :
: : Paul Tait can't coach. The same person that says that he's been at winning programs will mention Village as one. Everyone knows that Village's wins were trash and they always played a weak schedule and won despite of the coach. They were lucky to have gotten B. Boatwright and he wasn't going to stay 2 years because of the coach. Speaking of transfer, Coach Tait takes the same Village approach of having rotating players. He's always losing players and taking guys in. It's a bad formula and one that doesn't work if you're trying to build a real program. Not saying that a program shouldn't take transfers, situations happen at other schools and families deserve a shot, but just like Village, Tait is not taking complimentary players.
: : "if u think ben todd and noah fernado are special you don't know basketball" from the guy that posted before me is FACTS. Coach Tait is going to mess around and make Dillon Depina transfer and that would actually be a loss.
: : The Starr brothers showed improvement over the summer but that's if they play their position. If Jordan Starr is trying to be a pg then he's trash. But if he's a HS 3-5 he's solid. His brother the same. The Lowery bros fill space and if better than any big that Heritage has. All 4 would have Ben Todd for lunch. Can we stop with the Penberthy stuff? He's not good. Not at all. Once the Lowery brothers get there Penberthy and the kids from the tank videos should be coming off of the bench. If one does start, it's the tank kid.
: : But Tait can't coach and the only player that is hoops watchable is Depina. That's a kid that's improved. He'd have a challenge against Jordan Starr but he's no pushover.

: who's the tank kid??? hahaha

This would not be a good game. This would be an actual blowout. Tait would be whining and complaining and blaming the officials all game while u have the SCC guys just sitting laughing up by 30 cus they ran HC out of the gym. Ben Todd cant keep up with that pace. HC wont have a chance agaisnt any really good team this year they just dont have the same juice they had before

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