Re: You don't even understand the meaning of "slander"

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Posted by Legal Beagle on August 01, 2017 at 09:48:29:

In Reply to: Ya'll slander happy af posted by JungleNutz on August 01, 2017 at 07:39:37:

: : : : : : : : : : 95% are no good ! Stay with the women's game please.

: : : : : : : : You are an a hole and wrong with your comment. I assume you are not that unenlightened and are just trying to stir the pot. Lavar is a misogynistic jerk and was wrong for his antics and behavior. The organizers at the event were wrong to cater to him and to change the refs. Typical Big Bully Brand that Lavar has been pulling forever. Unreal he got away with walking off he court, threatening to walk off the court and getting the ref changed

: : : : : : : "LaVar Ball has shown himself to be a misogynistic buffoon that is unworthy of our time and attention. I'm done."

: : : : : : : We all should be done! Lavar should be ostracized and shunned.

: : : : : : I've had plenty of good female refs. And in all honesty, some of the worst refs I've ever had were men.

: : : : : Plenty of coaches, players, and fans have seen their teams play and felt there was horrible officiating.

: : : : : Let's say 50% of the time, they are correct and it IS horrible officiating.

: : : : : How many of them throw a fit and threaten to pull their team off the court? If every coach who ever felt they were getting screwed by officials pulled their team off the court I'd have to start watching baseball.

: : : : As a woman I would've teed him up and threw him out of the gym or forfeited the game to the other team.

: : : :: I've been around travel ball for a long time and this is not the first time refs have been changed during a game. A ref was removed a couple weeks ago in orange co. I guess that wasn't news worthy. From what I understand she gave melo a technical because he drank some water while the other team was shooting free throws. Also the refs(3 man crew)were being evaluated so they had pressure to make every touch call, messing up the flow of every game. If a male ref would have made the same call, you still would be hating.

: : I'd be upset because an overgrown man child threw a tantrum and wanted to take his ball and go home.

: : We add the fact that this is the second time, in public, that man child told a woman to "stay in her lane." And in both cases they were in the exact damn lane they belonged in.

: Ya'll can't wait to get on Lavar Ball. The real word is that that ref was extra the entire game. Idk how she was the tournament. But for that game she and the other refs had it out for BBB.
: So Lavar told her that she sucked. Coaches tell refs that all the time. It's all about equal treatment until it's about the negatives at the job huh. Lavar is a clown and a jerk. But the truth isn't being told and ya'll too happy to slander Lavar to see the truth.

First of all, "slander" is spoken. "Libel" is written.

Second, truth is an absolute defense to a charge of having communicated (in writing) a statement claimed to be libelous.

The statements you seem to be complaining about are neither libelous nor slanderous. And whether they're "true" or not is sort of beside the point, because everything written in the threads about Lavar Ball is, to a greater or lesser extent, each author's OPINION.

The FACTS are that Lavar has acted outrageously and made outlandish statements. He acts like a buffoon (opinion...but also a "fact"). Is my statement libelous? No, it's my opinion.

And no jury or judge would find me liable (yes, sounds like "libel" but it means "responsible in damages") for having written that statement.

No one hates Lavar because he's black, or because he's the father of three players who have achieved great fame and reknown. People don't like him because he's the Donald Trump of Basketball....a barbarian who is no longer at the gate, but who has taken over the room. And many people don't like him because he is a loudmouth, loutish, jerk who has none of the humility, grace, modesty and self-restraint that one his age should have simply having survived in this world as long as he has. Stated differently, he should know better and that he is instead, a self-important, narcissistic blowhard who acts and talks like he's bigger than the game that is going to make his sons and his entire family wealthy for generations to come, now that's what people just don't like and don't wish to tolerate.

And besides, the internet makes it easy for others to do the same, trying to shout him down. The only problem is that Lavar's microphone is bigger and louder than anything any of us can post on this or any other message board.

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