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Posted by Coach on July 29, 2017 at 15:12:40:

In Reply to: Re: ESPN sucks... posted by itk on July 29, 2017 at 14:40:15:

: : : : : : : to do him in, is he had a college D1 female ref (who was one of the refs) removed from the floor,
: : : : : : : who gave him the T by the tourney powers that be.

: : : : : : : After all that he precedes to get another one!,
: : : : : : : by a male ref later in the game. The guy is a
: : : : : : : clown and keeps embarrassing himself and he is
: : : : : : : too dumb to know it!

: : : : : : : He doesn't know most people are actually laughing at him then with him!

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Adidas should be ashamed! They specifically told refs not to give him technicals because he is a big "draw" for crowds. So instead of trying to have some integrity in their tournament and for the sport of basketball, they simply didn't give a poop!!!

: : : : : I guess I am missing something. What his the draw? He can't coach and acts like a loud mouth clown. What's the draw? and yes his son is not a good guard. I went to see some very good teams play and be coached well. To me that's a draw

: : : : He and Adidas is making a mockery out of basketball!!

: : : ESPN sucks now too for continuing to give coverage to the Kardashians of basketball. Slam Magazine and Ballislife suck too for trying to gain fans by giving this guy an outlet. It's not the kids fault, it's all Lavar's fault!

: : What about the kids who play for him? Travel ball is not cheap and I am sure he charges the parents for training. I feel sorry for the big baller teammates. I would look for another team with better coaching. Someone who cares more about their kids than just promoting the Ball kids. Lonzo looked a little embarrassed to be associated with it. I am sorry when my dad acted like that I didn't want him around.

: lavar is a shitshow but funny everyone blaming adidas but these refs were actually talking about making sure he gets his before the game....adidas got wind and tried to fix that way of thinking

:: you guys are so jealous it's sad. He's not the first or last to have a ref removed. Why not ignore him, like they do most coaches? His team shouldn't even be on the court playing against the teams they are. Melo is 15yrs old, so in Travel ball circles he should be a 7/8th grader. His team is a big draw and they are turning people away at the door. 80,000 watched in the internet. Every kid on that team has gotten better and a opportunity to play in front of college coaches. Refs were terrible ask around.What other non adidas team was there?

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