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Posted by Really? on July 24, 2017 at 07:49:53:

In Reply to: Go play in traffic posted by Justin Credible on July 23, 2017 at 18:00:05:

: : : : : : : : : Reached another low lavar. Pulling your team off because you get a "T" what a great example you are. This game isnt about you or that stipid reality tv crew. You're a selfish blowhard and if it weee me, you'd never be able to bring a team back.

: : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : This is what happens when a person thinks they are bigger than the game itself! They literally don't care about the sport of basketball and they just want to be part of a "show". I blame Slam Magazine and Ballislife because they promote this circus.

: : : : : : : Good stuff for a t.v. show. Very innovative promoting. B.b.b. was winning the game when he pulled them off the court. Feel bad for the kids who missed out on getting extra looks from college coaches. LA var of course does not have to worry since his son is going to u.c.l.a.

: : : : : : Big CRY Baby Brand!

: : : : : and who made you the Judge of people? Look into the mirror flawed human. It is easy to see the spec of dust in another's eye but you can't see the huge 2x4 beam in your own. It seems you use this forum for your mental therapy.

: : : : If you were there, and actually played basketball on a decent level above jv as a junior, then you were kind of glad to see what Lavar did. You guys spend you're time hating Lavar so much that you miss the real trash in basketball. The refs for that game were terrible. Not bad. Not suspect. TERRIBLE!
: : : : Don't listen to Jack "5'3" rotund, never played a sport, fake journalist can't get a job at a paper so he calls himself freelance" Pollon when he or the guys like him say "it's about the kids." The calls made in that game, actually most of the games, were atrocious and a disservice to the kids and disrespectful to the game. In the BBB game a ref was talking to a parent, turned to look back into the game and blew his whistle. He then made up some nonsense as to why he blew his whistle.
: : : : Lavar did what a lot of coaches want to do. "But they don't Justin." I know Jack. And no... coaches can't pull their teams every time that they don't agree with how the game is going. BUT... if more people would question the refs from this situation then the organizers would stop booking these grade D refs.

: : : No, what will get it deleted is that you always...ALWAYS... have to veer so far off-topic.

: : : The original post was about Lavar Ball and his actions (some would say outrageous, others justified) in pulling his team from a tournament game at the Best of Summer.

: : : Thread has nothing to do with Jack Pollon.

: : : Take that shit somewhere else. No one cares about your beef with Pollon any longer. It's old news, yesterday's stale fish, and the wrap has been thrown away because it just stinks. Kind of like your posts.

: : Justin has to bring up Pollon because his "code" doesn't allow him to "call out" anyone other than a white male on their bullshit. So when Caster expresses an opinion opposite his own, he must be addressed and admonished though a proxy (Pollon).

: Ugh... Who gave the 7th grade third place debate team winner a keyboard? Ok Timmy, since you're saying that my problems with the crooks of youth sports is based on "white guilt" you've missed the following:
: 1) Jewish isn't white
: 2) My laundry list of issues with Lavar Ball, who's black, destroying a high school for his family's gain... and for 2 kids that can't play.
: 3) I've questioned if Alemany's coach is actually a good coach. Guess what? He's black.
: 4) I've said that Sierra Canyon's best basketball player is actually Feinberg. Here's a hint, his first name isn't Malik.

: What you're doing is trying to find an excuse for the nepotism of the buddy group of SoCal private schools, high school sports "coverage" etc. So instead of acknowledging the wrong that they do, you come up with "Justin Credible is suffering white guilt." Even for a 6th grader that's a future University of Phoenix dropout, you're an idiot.

: Here's a fun "white guilt" fact for you: Right now there's 8... yes 8... private schools in the valley alone that is filtering admission applications to their schools based on race. Yes! Race. And the reason is... wait for it... sports. Oohhh Dustin isn't getting enough playing time. So not only are these school handing Dustin more orange slices and capri suns during halftime, they now have prejudice practices because mommy, daddy and the schools prefer to be racist than to have Dustin compete to play.

Would love to see the actual, hard copy data on this statement. If there was proof, as opposed to opinion, this would be a scandal of epic proportions.

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