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Posted by Schedule on July 23, 2017 at 16:38:47:

In Reply to: The truth? posted by Caster Troy on July 23, 2017 at 15:49:51:

: : : : : : : : : : Reached another low lavar. Pulling your team off because you get a "T" what a great example you are. This game isnt about you or that stipid reality tv crew. You're a selfish blowhard and if it weee me, you'd never be able to bring a team back.

: : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : This is what happens when a person thinks they are bigger than the game itself! They literally don't care about the sport of basketball and they just want to be part of a "show". I blame Slam Magazine and Ballislife because they promote this circus.

: : : : : : : : Good stuff for a t.v. show. Very innovative promoting. B.b.b. was winning the game when he pulled them off the court. Feel bad for the kids who missed out on getting extra looks from college coaches. LA var of course does not have to worry since his son is going to u.c.l.a.

: : : : : : : Big CRY Baby Brand!

: : : : : : and who made you the Judge of people? Look into the mirror flawed human. It is easy to see the spec of dust in another's eye but you can't see the huge 2x4 beam in your own. It seems you use this forum for your mental therapy.

: : : : : If you were there, and actually played basketball on a decent level above jv as a junior, then you were kind of glad to see what Lavar did. You guys spend you're time hating Lavar so much that you miss the real trash in basketball. The refs for that game were terrible. Not bad. Not suspect. TERRIBLE!
: : : : : Don't listen to Jack "5'3" rotund, never played a sport, fake journalist can't get a job at a paper so he calls himself freelance" Pollon when he or the guys like him say "it's about the kids." The calls made in that game, actually most of the games, were atrocious and a disservice to the kids and disrespectful to the game. In the BBB game a ref was talking to a parent, turned to look back into the game and blew his whistle. He then made up some nonsense as to why he blew his whistle.
: : : : : Lavar did what a lot of coaches want to do. "But they don't Justin." I know Jack. And no... coaches can't pull their teams every time that they don't agree with how the game is going. BUT... if more people would question the refs from this situation then the organizers would stop booking these grade D refs.

: : : : Please give more examples, did it turn out to be a football game? If the safety of the kids were in question then yes that would be a reason to take kids off court early.

: : : IF BBB were losing that would help Lavar's crazy claim that the refs were "cheating". But they were up 9, so it's actually pretty stupid that he did this. He could have had a better story line of "The refs cheated us and we still won", instead of facing the backlash he is now. His kids were out on the court WINNING a game and Lavar still felt the need to be the talk of the town instead of his players.

: : Absolutely agree with Caster.

: : And again, what the hell does Pollon have to do with this? Why does Justin Credible feel the overwhelming urge to throw his name around in a post that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Pollon?

: : What did he do, Justin, piss in your cornflakes this morning? Why the obsessive need to always direct a conversation that has nothing to do with him in that direction?

: Lavar and his boys had a Pop Up Store appointment for today between 12-3 in Anaheim at the gym the tourney was at. I'm thinking there was a possible scheduling conflict if BBB won yesterday and Lavar's Pop Up store to push his brand was more important than the game of basketball. So Lavar found a way out of the game.

:They would have had to win the second game yesterday to play at 1230pm today (which would be a conlfict with business interests). But the DRAMA/PUBLICITY gained from yesterday was WELL PLAYED LAVAR.

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