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Posted by HS Coach on July 22, 2017 at 21:06:09:

In Reply to: Re: Off season Door Fees??? posted by ie observer on July 19, 2017 at 12:28:43:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : I can't be the only parent with multiple boys hooping in spring/summer/ and fall leagues at local HS that is wondering why are they charging $5 per person to support your athlete? It use to be free, now I know times have changed but for a family of 4 $5 each is outrageous? Why not be fair and max out at $10 per family or charge $2/$3 per person. I actually had to miss some games just because the fees are too ridiculous.
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Please chime in with some direct knowledge....things other than gym and ref fees because we pay for those fees when our HS teams pay "league fees". Thank You

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : That is an interesting idea to charge $10max per family.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : Could get interesting if Shawn Kemp shows up at a game

: : : : : : : : : : : : Yeah it's obviously a money maker for the hosting high schools.

: : : : : : : : : : : We host tournaments and charge 5 for adults, 3 for kids. Its our biggest fundraiser and we really do appreciate other schools coming and helping us out because we are a low income community and the money goes to buying all the equipment and gear that most schools and players take for granted.

: : : : : : : : : : During the off-season, we charge $3 per entry. Most days, you get to see two (2) games at least in spring & fall. This past summer, we had teams play two games per day at least once per week. Our snack bar is our best asset! Our booster club moms rock!!! Without them, nothing of what we do happens. At our school, this is our major fundraiser. Not all our parents can afford to pay for the spirit packs etc. Just tryna make it happen and keep pace with the bigger/better programs. It is our goal to keep our guys feeling good about representing their program.
: : : : : : : : : I just paid $12 at the MAPS for one person

: : : : : : : : :There is a LAUSD high school in my neighborhood who held a long time summer tourney. They stopped having it this year because LAUSD charges them for using the gym "out of season". I was told it was gonna be $1800.00 for the 6 days. Wasn't worth having it. Gotta pay those school board raises somehow!

: : : : : : : : Thanks for the input. I'm an excoach and have been around HS Bball in socal for over 20 years. In regard to private organizations I understand there fees because it's an outside entity. However, HS programs should not raise $ by overcharging families for supporting their athlete. $2 per person + a good snack bar + team fees are more than enough- let's not be greedy or lazy. In regard to the school gym fees, I understand that in today's society most don't recognize the importance of sports. They charge Bball teams for gym uses but use the gym for test prepping for all standardize tests multiple times throughout the year. Last word to anyone that can make a difference. Please help to bring back the importance of a gym 1) To teach young athletes how hard work can pay off on the court and off 2) to allow spectators/ families to support their athletes hard work! It is not for the school district to make $ off of kids and It most assuredly should Not suppose to be "Your Best Fundraiser" because you're over charging hard working families ($2/$3 is fair $5 is just exploitation!)

: : : : : : When you host a tournament in the summer time, you charge incoming teams around $200-300 entry fee. Let's say you have 12 teams @$200= $2400 in entry fees. You are going to give each team 4 games for the weekend. That means you have to pay refs for 24 games @ about $40 per ref per game. $40x2=$80. $80x24=$1920. So the host school, after paying refs conservatively at $40 each is going to net about $400 for the weekend. Let's say they make conservatively $300/day at the gate with most summer tourneys going 3 days, that's about $1000 at the gate. Another $300/day at snack bar after paying for the product to be sold gets you another $1000. So for the weekend, your program has raised in the neighborhood of $2500. In a lot of districts, there is no budget for basketball- you raise the money you need for in-season tournament fees, refs, transportation, stipends (some districts only give 2 stipends to a program when you have 3 levels), etc.
: : : : : : Does $5/each start to add up? Sure. Maybe a $20 cap is a good idea, but then you start bringing every cousin and uncle and saying "we're family" and paying $20 for 8 people to come in. I have no issue with charging $5. The economics of school athletics makes it a necessity.

: : : : : The other issue we have with our tournaments is we have to pay maintanence, for our weekend tournament of 3 days we end up paying maintanence about $450 for him to come in the morning toopen the school turn off the alarms and close the school and turn alarms off at night. The one Janitor profits the most out of us hosting a tournament

: : : : so then you have to ask why admin is so unwilling to give the HC a master key so he can come in and open up and shut down himself. Simple answer is that the local union for classified employees (CSEA) has that in their contract- it's great for their ability to earn OT.

: : : :H
: : : That's how they keep their jobs !

: : Hard to believe $5 is such a struggle when Lil Johnny has $100 sneakers, $50 slides on ,a iPhone, NBA socks, a Nike backpack and a under armour shooting sleeve and tights. Coach is sitting there all day so that kids can have somewhere to hon and showcase their skills and Mom is complaining about $5. Something is wrong with our priorities. If Lil Johnny played the piano and had a recital would the $5 be a issue??

: It's way more than that. My kid played games for 21 straight days for his high school this summer. Times that by $5. Then add in a spouse, grandma, siblings that also want to attend. On top of that we paid league/tournament fees to the school and also had to buy a practice uniform/spirit bag. Before you know it you are out $700 for 'Johnny' to play offseason.

We host a sumner league ---$3 admission adults, $1 for students, little ones free and always cut breaks for big families.

Teams pay $40 a game (ref gets $25)... this covers our team playing a couple of games a night and leaves us a few bucks per game. We don't charge our own parents, but most donate food or drinks to snack bar. We run a reasonable snack bar.

I have this argument with coaches all the time who are charging anywhere from $5 - $8 for summer league and summer tournaments. Our parents basically don't travel due to exorbitant costs... parents have to pay for gas, meal money for player and often 15-20 bucks to watch a running clock game with trash officiating and an incompetent score table.

It's a sad state of affairs out there. Unfortunately programs are stuck because they have to pay their own tournament fees, buy their own uniforms, pay for officials, transportation, etc.
Some schools have some things covered but most programs have to fundraise and summer league is a major source of income.

Our budget from the school is $500 and they pay for 1 tournament and will cover home officials. So after you buy 10 basketballs your school budget is spent...I could go on and on but suffice it to say, it's tough on everyone but let's keep fighting the good fight to keep the kids off the streets!

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