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Posted by truth on July 08, 2017 at 07:00:08:

In Reply to: Re: Holding parents accountable posted by IE observer on July 07, 2017 at 16:59:36:

: : : : So i have a fairly new group of parents to travel ball. How can i best get them to understand that if they are serious about their son getting better that they need to encourage them to workout their kid once or twice a week? Also i dont want to go out and recruit other kids that are on current ravel teams. I have found it quite difficult giving my job hours to get fliers and word out about my travel team?

: : I have always been able to develop players but this is a new challenge for me and these kids have more bad habits than i have ever dealt with as a coach.

: : : I agree with you not cherry picking kids off of other teams. If you can develop the players, the players and parents will stay with you and you will not have to worry about them being cherry picked off your team. People know when they are getting true value. In travel ball, you must also teach how to break the full court press. If you are looking to build an upper level or elite team, it will take you a year or so to develop the players. Best of luck to you.

: I've noticed too more and more of these kids that should be in a rec league playing travel ball. The tournaments even offer bronze divisions for the lesser teams. These parents who are willing to pay big bucks for travel ball should enforce their kids actually practice or they are just wasting their money not to mention the coaches time.

True, but what coaches really look at it as a waste of time as they get the family's weekly or monthly check? Yeah, it's gotta be frustrating putting kids out there who can't get better because they never go out and ball outside of the 1 hour team practice, but somehow the checks still clear. That's part of the deal in the age of "travel ball", where literally ANYONE can play- as long as they play. Honestly, most of those kids would improve leaps and bounds if they just went out and played competitive pick-up for 4-6 hrs a week. You better get better or you're off the court. Problem is, the vast majority don't play pick-up anymore so they don't develop in-game.. chicken or egg problem. Go play pick-up.. no one is playing pick-up.

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