Re: Sierra Canyon is a bad team - St. Bernard is above solid, regionally good

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Posted by Facts on July 06, 2017 at 09:02:48:

In Reply to: Re: Sierra Canyon is a bad team - St. Bernard is above solid, regionally good posted by F.A.M. on July 06, 2017 at 01:54:41:

: : : : Lol

: : : SB plays a good brand of basketball. It this era of double hold backs, paid for ranking, and stacked teams it's good to see old fashion hard work.

: : : I have seen St Anthony's play 4 times this year. They are another program that is very impressive. Just blue collar workers that play basketball the right way.

: : : Bosco has lost the big name guys and look much better. They are executing the game plan and surprising a lot of teams

: : : Poly has lost all of their height. Last year they had two 6'9 and a D1 6'6 . This year no one over 6'3 but they are still in every game and compete on the highest level. They play right.

: : : Watch out for SB and St Anthony's. They are fun to watch and really good. They are young too.

: : After seeing St. Bernard a few times, in my opinion, they will be a very good team in the subsequent years. I've said this in other posts and of course there are the readers that can't wait to take off their helmet and say that they're not a national team right now. 1) Didn't say that they're going to beat Oak Hill. 2) I said that they'll be good later.
: : Mook Harris is a strong, athletic wing. Please don't tell me that he's a point guard. He gave Stanley all that he can handle.
: : Sierra Canyon is not good. There are no skill players on the team and they play a terrible brand of aau basketball. Frank, who transferred from Harvard Westlake, at times looks upset at the bad basketball. KJ isolations at the top of the key, ball gets poked out, Stanley picks it up, dribbles in the same place for 15 seconds until the ball gets poked out, Frank picks up the ball, 1 dribble foul line jump shot. That happened at least three times. Yes, I would have liked to see Frank in a Chaminade uniform. But the truth is that a potential good player may develop bad habits at Sierra Canyon. That program doesn't make kids better and now they don't have the talent to get many wins.
: : "Oh it's Summer league Justin." That's not an excuse for the terrible basketball being played there. It's not just terrible for Sierra Canyon. It's terrible for varsity high school.
: : St. Bernard is well coached. If the coach that was coaching against Sierra Canyon is an assistant then he should be looked at by some other schools soon. "It's one game Justin." I know. But Jack Pollon gave suggestions for Chaminade, all his friends, and the school might be considering them.
: : Westphal, from Village. He just got there and kids left after he got there. That's on him as well. He took in transfers after he got there. After what happened at that school the last thing that he should have done is take transfers. Let's look at moral standing.
: : Ryan Moore, didn't we get ride of him? He was 1-11 in league play with a D1 7'0" center. A league with Notre Dame and St. Francis. That's 4 easy wins.
: : Oaks Chr probably hired another freshman football coach to coach their varsity basketball team.
: : So I like the idea of a program hiring an assistant coach from a good or rising program to get a shot as a head coach. Hopefully Chaminade gets an assistant from Loyola soon.

: Terren Frank needs to shop elsewhere if he is upset at the bad basketball unfolding around him against desire.

What weido post was that? Lol. But Terren Frank should not stay at Sierra Canyon. He tested that Summer league and sees that Sierra Canyon has bad coaching. If anyone thinks that Cassius is a pg or even looking to pass then your insane.

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