Re: Is "5-Out" a Good Offense for Junior High Age Kids?

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Posted by truth on June 27, 2017 at 14:56:56:

In Reply to: Re: Is "5-Out" a Good Offense for Junior High Age Kids? posted by Coach on June 27, 2017 at 14:17:28:

: : : Hey coaches

: : : I keep hearing about "5-out" offensefor youth teams - is this a good offense for middle school age kids? Do you run it vs zone or man or both? Im always looking for a good halfcourt offense - that is relatively easy to teach. Many thanks -PS. Where do i learn the basics?

: :
: : It really depends on if the team has decent ball handlers or not. And it's very important to teach spacing. If you don't have the right spacing it becomes difficult. If you don't have good ball handlers it will be difficult to dribble drive and penetrate. If there's no dribble drive or penetration than the shooters won't be open. I personally would try to find a guy to run him at the 5 and have him hover near the basket for offensive rebounds or easy layups when his defender has to help. BUT, if you really want your team to be good, stress DEFENSE. Let them know that good DEFENSE gets you out on the break and also creates offense in itself. I think people get caught up too much with offense and seem to forget that defense is more important.

: Great offense for development and learning the game. The fact that you "need ball handlers" is false. Most junior high kids can get to the basket in one dribble and if you can't bounce it and get to the basket you shouldn't be playing. Teaches passing, cutting and reading screens and not finding the first kid to mature and sticking him under the basket when he will probably not ever play the post past 7th grade. The game is outside in now and it's just the way it is.

I like the 5-out model in that you, as a coach, have to teach ALL your kids HOW to play. If you have a bigger kid, you can start him on the outside and whenever you cut or roll him to the basket he can become a "post" for a pass or two, then pop back out. The same applies for any of them, to be honest. Anything that teaches all your kids how to secure the ball, make the right pass, keep good spacing, move off the ball, set and use screens is going to be beneficial.
As for running it v. man or zone, you have to teach kids how to beat a zone through principles. Teach your kids that when they cut to the rim, that their cut is actually a "loop" into a hole in the zone. Once they loop in, if they don't get the ball, they then can pop out.

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