Re: Ike Anibogu drops to 2nd round--not the end of the world

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Posted by ITK on June 25, 2017 at 14:30:06:

In Reply to: Re: Ike Anibogu drops to 2nd round posted by D-League on June 25, 2017 at 10:27:43:

: : : : Sad to see a kid that leaves early drop to the second round with a likely d league and never seen again career. I guess you could be melo trimble and be a 1st rounder projected after his freshman year to undrafted. Think Ike could have worked on his skills and been a for sure first rounder next year or the year after. Hope the best for him though as we should alway root for SoCal kids.

: : : The guy has injury issues - best to get a paycheck ASAP. Chances are his draft stock will never improve, as 64% of players chosen in the first round this year were freshmen or international players of minimum age. UCLA's guard play will be awful this year and they will struggle to win 8 games in conference play, so Ike's numbers probably wouldn't improve.

: : Are you saying UCLA isnt going to the championship with the best scoring ball on the team.

: His best option then would have been to get a degree from UCLA as second round isn't "guaranteed a check". If his draft stock doesn't improve he will leave with a degree and if he cant improve in college he will likely be out of the league somewhere in corona with some cones out doing "workouts".

Hey, tell it to Norman Powell. Or to Matt Barnes, who is still drawing a very nice paycheck (and a Championship ring) after being drafted in the second round in 2002. Or to any number of other guys who have left college early, or who waited to graduate and got caught in the numbers game and fell to the second round.

Lots of guys get drafted in the second round and have very nice careers. Here's just a partial list of a few of them who weren't at all hurt by going in the second round:

Deandre Jordan (35th)
Carlos Boozer (34th)
Monta Ellis (40th)
Cliff Robinson (36th)
Paul Milsap (47th)
Rashard Lewis (32nd)
Marc Gasol (48th)
Gilbert Arenas (30th)
Draymond Green (35th)
Manu Ginobili (57th)
Toni Kukoc (29th, which was 2nd round at the time)
Stephen Jackson (43rd)
Danny Ainge (31st)
Jeff Hornacek (46th)
Maurice Cheeks (36th)
Dennis Johnson (29th in 1976)
Isaiah Thomas (60th-- dead last)
Mo Williams (47th)
Lou Williams (45th)
Kyle Korver (51st)
Trevor Ariza (43rd)
Lance Stephenson (40th)
Manute Bol (31st)
Steve Kerr (50th)
Sean Rooks (30th)
Tony Bennet (35th)
Popeye Jones (41st)
Matt Geiger (42nd)
Nick Van Excel (37th)
Tyus Edney (47th)
Fred Hoiberg (52nd)
Cuonzo Martin (57th)
Jelani McCoy (33rd)
Michael Redd (43rd)
Jarron Collins (53rd)
Jason Kapono (31st)
Luke Walson (32nd)
Steve Blake (38th)
Chris Duhon (32nd)
Brandon Bass (33rd)
CJ Miles (34th)
Andray Blatche (49th)
Josh McRoberts (37th)
Mario Chalmers (34th)
Luc Mbah a Moute (37th)
Patrick Beverly (52nd)
Patty Mills (55th)
Hassan Whiteside (44rd)
Shelvin Mack (34th)

Some waited and played four years and some left college early, and still others went straight from high school and have never gotten college degrees And most of them have made decent careers for themselves in the NBA despite being picked in the 2nd round and joining teams without guaranteed contracts.

In the more recent era (post-1990) it is also true that as many as half the players in some years-- and sometimes more than half-- drafted in the second round never even play a single game in the NBA, and for those guys, well, another year of college probably wouldn't have helped, and most of them wind up playing overseas so the value of a degree, at least initially is probably overvalued for most of them (not that it would be later in life, but many will retire with investments and business interests so the value of the degree may not be as highly-prized or as useful as it might be to others). But it's also the case that more of the guys who are making it in the League in more recent years have gone into the NBA either as underclassmen, high school players or foreign draft picks.

Anibogu made the decision that was right for him and his family. Who are you to question it? If he'd waited a year would he have moved up in next year's draft? We'll never know, and so it's a moot point.

He'll either play in the league next season, or he can always go overseas, or play in the NBA DLeauge (now the G League). Either way, he'll be doing what he wants, taking a swing at life, and if you have read his Twitter feed, you know he's extremely grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to the future.

So go piss on someone else's parade, ok?

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