Bad school & bad atmosphere

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Posted by Valley Coach on June 23, 2017 at 22:24:20:

In Reply to: Re: ......or maybe posted by Keyser soze. on June 23, 2017 at 22:03:19:

: : : : : : : : : Let's start with Dinos' tweet "1st @PangosAACamp alum pick in this year's draft: Lonzo Ball. It won't be the last!" He's actually claiming Lonzo. The craziest part of this is that Jack Pollon called him out on it. Jack Pollon. Jack Pollon was the sense of moral reasoning. How terrifying is that? Remember that Jack said that Ryan Moore is a great coach, St Francis has a good team and Village Chr is a great program.
: : : : : : : : : "C'mon Justin, not Village again." Oh... but how right was I?
: : : : : : : : : Village Chr won't have a football team because players transferred. Sondy is reporting this and said that Village has yet to return his phone calls. 2 years ago there were guys saying that I was on Winward and Chaminade too hard. And then we saw their ridiculousness. Chino Hills hoops had 4 years, and continuing, of nepotism. But at Village Chr we're seeing a program so bad that the entire varsity basketball team left and the football team lost over 20.
: : : : : : : : : What Villain is running that place? Sondy said that Village is not returning phone calls to ask about the program. Village is ignoring that they're supposed to be a school. Shouldn't there be transparency and at least easy answers to why over 35 athletes and an unknown amount of other students transferred? How isn't the school under CIF investigation? The leadership of the school are children. An adult would take some sort of accountability. Village Chr & Jack Pollon is literally blaming their loss of a football team on the "concussion era." I'm serious. So nearly every study or long term effects of the "concussion era" on the game of football has a ripple of approx 40 years. But somehow Village Chr was devastated by it now.

: : : : : : : : Why exactly is the Village football team relevant on a website that literally called Socal HOOPS?

: : : : : : : This is truly how brainless most of you are that you don't see the whole picture. No football team means no basketball team. Let me repeat that, no football team means no basketball team. If there isn't football then pretty much means that the school will not make any money for sports and thus all of the sports programs at Village Christian could be in trouble. Oh but that is a far reach to think that if there is no football team at Village Christian means other sports will suffer just wait to see what happens. That is why Sondheimer is reporting it because he knows there will be repercussions.

: : : : : : ^^Thank you. It's difficult to respond to the person that says 'This is a basketball board. Why are you mentioning football.' Put on your helmet and eat your vanilla ice-cream.
: : : : : : First off, No football means a few sports will suffer. Village isn't Duke. Typically no good football... yeah.
: : : : : : Second, are you really saying that it's about football? Really? It's about the kids. Think about the amount of families that left the school if the entire basketball team and most of the football team left. That's just the athletes. How about you wonder about what's going on at the school to make all of these families leave. Oh I'm sorry, too much to wonder about the kids huh. Are you tired of reading about Village or Chaminade? You could not read. Because you're failing at that. OR you could wonder why are they constantly being talked about and it's not positive.

: : : : : Geezus....we can all think big.
: : : : : Well most of us. But you and 8 Angry Inches seem to be the only two people talking about "doing it for the kids", and then it's mostly about pulling out the race card.

: : : : : You realize don't you that there are over 500 schools that field teams in the Southern Section alone. And I'm willing to bet that a lot of them aren't run the way you and Mr. 8 would like to see them run. And yet, you keep droning on and on and on about how every school is run terribly, and how the kids and the families are suffering, put upon and treated like dirt.

: : : : : Is there a single school that you think is well-run? Anywhere?

: : : : : Or is there nothing that satisfies your lofty ideals?

: : : : :

: : : : Crespi, Loyola, Fairfax, Foothills Christian, Alemany, Pasadena, Maranatha, almost Sierra Canyon, St. Francis... oh look, school's with coaches and admin that follow morals, respect and show some care about kids... oh wait, low transfer rates as well. Shocker. Lol
: : : : You're spending too much time being upset with me for stating the obvious instead of being upset with the obvious.

: : : LOL! Sierra Cyn the MORAL COMPASS of HS Athletics............

: : LOL! I thought that I deleted them out. My fault. LOL. I had SC in when I was thinking of programs that stuck with 5 kids through high school. (Except for taking Marvin Bagley but who can blame someone for taking the #1 player in the country.) But I thought that I deleted them.

: Maybe this is a by product of the 'build by recruiting' mentality.

No. It's a by product of people being in positions that they shouldn't be in. Every school recruits to some degree. Brandon Williams didn't fall in Coach White's lap. But Coach White can coach his tail off.
Village's head of school was basically let go by Oaks. He hired football guys that were let go by Oaks & guys at Heritage Chr. Bad move. Coach Shaw was never a good coach or person. Shaw surrounded himself with guys that can't coach or good people. The AD at Village is a proven joke. There aren't adults at Village that value kids tho. I know schools that will have 8 sit downs with families to talk, try to get kids to stay, but I heard that Village was treating kids like rotating pieces. Can't build like that. Then they hired a coach that's been at a new school every year for the last 6. C'mon now. I know a private school in Pasadena that has 7 Village transfer students.

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