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Posted by Reality on June 23, 2017 at 10:29:58:

In Reply to: Re: Calabasas???? posted by chsinsider on June 23, 2017 at 10:24:12:

: : : : : : Where did you hear Palarz is coming back? He was thinking about it a few months ago but dont think he will make the move again...

: : : : : Oh, he's coming. Palarz and Foss staged this entire thing to get him back as AD - so he can shield the football team from any investigation into their obvious 'rule-bending' - and head basketball coach. Current head coach coach Colin Jamerson's issues gave them the excuse they needed to act quickly. Foss doesnt give a damn about the kids or basketball so her behavior is not surprising but Palarz was supposed to be Jamerson's friend. What a snake.

: : : : Palarz already said that he's staying at Chaminade

: : : And Trump said he had the biggest inaugural crowds ever...rumors at the school say Palarz is coming back. My son is a freshman, never played for Palarz, but the older boys really don't want him back. That should count for something. Most of the parents wish the school would just start fresh with a new coach, but nobody asked our opinion. However this plays out, Calabasas administration has handled it really poorly.

: : Isn't Village Chr's coach going after the Calabasas job? Palarz isn't the most liked coach at Chaminade but I look at it like this, we could be so much worse. We're not Heritage Chr or Oaks Chr. Definitely not Village Chr.
: : I'm looking at the plus side of things. Calabasas should do the same. Maybe?... no?.... ok

: What "plus side" of things? The boys don't want Palarz back. They don't like playing for him. That should end the discussion. The Calabasas principal's desire to protect the football program shouldn't saddle the basketball team with a coach that left, and that the players don't want. It's a mess, and there's no plus side.

Who cares if the players (parents) don't want Palarz back or want or don't want some other coach.

The school has to make the best decision for the school long term.

Whoever your kid is, they could transfer at any time. And they will graduate next June or some June after that. And then the kids/parents left don't like that coach you wanted, so another change has to be made, etc.

Get over yourself. The school hires the coach, you/your kid either stays and plays, stays and doesn't play, or transfers. And life moves on for everyone.

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