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Posted by Pop on June 15, 2017 at 02:48:43:

In Reply to: Re: Hold Backs posted by so many on June 14, 2017 at 18:36:39:

: : : The whole “red shirt”, “holdback, “reclassification” scheme is cheating plain and simple. Yes, holding back technically is allowed to certain a point but for the purpose of academic and social development. It’s a violation of the spirit of the rule if not the letter of the rule. These parents are trying to game the system point blank by using a loophole to keep the dream of a scholarship alive.

: : : However, these parents miss a couple key points

: : : To be a scholarship athlete you must be on an elite level physically. No amount of holdback years will make a child grow 5 inches if it is not in his DNA. In other words a bigtime athlete is going to be one if it is meant to be. We all know the numbers – there is very little chance your son is in that select group.
: : : The “edge” that your child gets by holding back is shrinking due to the sheer numbers of holdbacks growing each year. Think about it – the whole scheme is premised on the assumption that your son is an outlier; older than everyone else. However, the more holdbacks means less of an edge.
: : : You are teaching your child the wrong lesson and costing him long term. “Johnny your aren’t good enough so let’s try to misuse the system and keep the lie alive”. When I was a kid I was told to work harder – now parents are cheating. And while you cheat your son loses a year socially, academically and, eventually, of income potential.

: : : Wake up parents – it’s about education and life lessons. I know it won’t happen so all I can do is just laugh at the parents doing the walk of shame at ASC as everyone knows their kid is enjoying 8th grade for the second time.

: : :

: : I had a kid in my class this year whose parents removed him mid-year in 8th grade so they could "home school" him for the next 18 months- essentially holding him back a year so he'll be older as a 9th grader and he'll be ready to compete at a higher level athletically.
: : He's a decent athlete- pretty quick, decent hands- but not a "special" athlete. That's the point most of these parents/club coaches/athletes have to understand- if you're special, you're special no matter how old you are. If you're special, it just looks different- there is an "it" factor. Some of it is measurable, some is intangible. But most of these kids are maybe above average- which doesn't equate to "special".
: : The kid I reference is an average-to-below-average student, so 18months of "home school" should do him wonders! HA!

: There are so many examples of this being done and the kids did not go on to play in college and for some of them it became an issue of feeling like a failure which has implications for the rest of their life. Basketball was the be all and end all and when it didn't work out, it was a hard adjustment. Will not name names but saw it happen a lot!

I did not hold my son back and he graduated at a younger age then all his team mates. When he turned 19 he had grown 5 more feet and now he is 6ft 10 inches. He did not get much playing time his first year in college as the guys in college are grown ass men some were 24 or so years old. Those few years make one hell of a difference. If we had held him back he would have been destroying kids at the Highschool level. So there are positive for holding a gifted atlete back. Be warned the College Level Is no Joke !!!!!!!!!!!

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