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Posted by I played with spencer on June 12, 2017 at 13:33:57:

In Reply to: Re: Freedman committing to Harvard... posted by ITK on June 12, 2017 at 00:42:45:

: : : : : : Agree, you might get a little rolling eye from
: : : : : : the Oxford and Cambridge people but ya,- one of the best on the planet.

: : : : : : ..though in the past 25 years are so, Harvard has
: : : : : : become politically correct in their admissions,
: : : : : : meaning some students that get in, would not have
: : : : : : qualified by old Harvard standards of years past.

: : : : : : They can do it - they have an endowment of over
: : : : : : a billion! dollars

: : : : : : Freeman would be getting in by any of the old
: : : : : : or new standards. The guy is legit.

: :

: : : : seems like great kid, kid can really play. BUT doubt he's going on full ride, sure daddy's paying with no problem. him getting to a d1 school and him actually playing are two totally seperate things.. time will tell

: : : If he's really committed to Harvard, there are no "full rides". No Ivy League school offers athletic grants-in-aid (or as they are commonly referred to "scholarships" or "full rides"). The Ivy schools only offer academic or need-based financial assistance and/or grants.

: : : That said, most athletes who attend an Ivy League school receive some form of financial assistance to attend the Ivies. But no one receives a "full=ride" like the rest of Division I NCAA colleges and universities.

: : : So yes, his father will pay some portion of his tuition and room and board.

: : : Spencer will have no trouble playing and starting at Harvard. Very much in the mold of other guards who have played at Harvard (like Jimmy Goffredo from La Canada, or Drew Housman from Calabasas, or Jeremy Lin from Palo Alto, or Brandyn Curry -- no relation to Steph and Seth, from N.C., or Corbin Miller from Utah, or Oliver McNally from San Francisco, or Siyani Chambers from Minnesota, or more recently Tommy McCarthy from La Costa Canyon, and Bryce Aiken from N.J. (Ivy League Rookie of the Year).

: : : Spencer fits exactly the mold of the type of player that Tommy Amaker loves in a lead guard-- tenacious, great feel for the game and can shoot the lights out.

: : : If he attends Harvard, he will play. No doubt, he will play. A lot.

: : harvard gonna be playing a lot of zone....A LOT..LOL

: Actually, Harvard's head coach Tommy Amaker likes to employ a lot of zone defense (mostly variations of match-up zones). Over the past few years, Amaker and his staff have shown more willingness to resort to match-up zone defense more often than tend to use straight man defense. In Amaker's early years at Harvard he hardly ever used a zone, employing it for one or two possessions a game, typically in an effort to shake up an opponent that was expecting to see man defense in certain situations. But as the years have passed and he has consistently recruited small-ish guards at the point, he's used zone a lot, often for long stretches in games depending on the personnel on the floor at any given time. The point is, Harvard isn't reluctant to use a zone defense and Amaker and his staff view the zone as the type of defense that prioritizes teamwork and communication as much as a man-help defensive shceme, particularly when Harvard has lacked an elite perimeter defender. Also, they've found that a zone defense tends to reduce defensive fouls, and thus works better when the players on the floor are younger underclassmen.

: But I wouldn't worry too much about Freedman seeing action in games. He fits the profile of the prototypical Amaker-recruited Harvard point guard.

: The previous poster is certainly entitled to his opinion, but Harvard playing a lot of zone is something that Harvard just does already. So LOL all you want, but Freedman playing at Harvard isn't going to be an issue.

Congratulations Spencer. You are a hell of a player and good team mate. Good luck at Harvard!

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