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Posted by SGV Watcher on June 06, 2017 at 23:39:29:

In Reply to: Re: Diamond Ranch...another perspective posted by Keyser soze on June 06, 2017 at 07:54:43:

: : : : : : : : : Hey has anyone heard an official announcement from Diamond Ranch on Eric Cooper. The word on the street is that he is done. The administration at that school has a way of driving off basketball coaches. That Principal is a former coach who forgot where she came from. It's a shame that she single handedly destroyed the girls basketball program there and now has targeted the boys program. She has also run off anyone who challenges her (Roddy Layton). When will this district wake up.

: : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : Lol Cooper left because the administration told him to follow the rules and he couldn't recruit like he wanted too. He definitely wasn't "run out". Because of his recruiting practices it may have cost him the Los Osos job too. He should just try to find a private school.

: : : : : : : No question Cooper is the worst coach I have ever watched. He would be a bad girls freshman coach

: : : : : : good coach great guy..great history in the game over 30+ yrs ..haters gonna hate

: : : : : Good man, works hard for his kids and wins championships. Don't hate.

: : : : not hatin just stating the truth. You would think he could coach a little since he has played at a high level. They say that just because you played at a high level doesn't mean you know how to coach. He is a great example of it.

: : : He wins. Yeah yeah yeah, he recruits and gets talent, whatever, who doesn't. Would love to know who you think you are to say someone with multiple championships and a long tenure of coaching is the worst coach ever. If you coached, I bet your record isn't as good and you haven't won half a man y championships. Go gargle with a handful of razor blades

: : Here is some real talk. It's much easier to build a program in a short period of time in a private school setting. A coach can come in and basically bring his own team with him. Cooper is a coach who works hard for his players can't argue that. But that being said, he hasn't stayed in public school long enough to see if he can sustain a program and develop the players that are already at the school or incoming neighborhood kids. I wouldn't call anyone who has done what he has done the "worst coach ever". His resume speaks to that. I think we need to see Cooper more without transfers. I watched them this year and thought he did a good job. I would like to see more of that.

: I'd have to agree that calling him 'worst coach ever' is a bit unfair.
: What we have in HS basketball is two models of running a program:
: 1-the neighborhood model.
: While the majority of schools follow this model, it is becoming less prominent. Build it with youth programs and coach the kids you have. These programs will have dips in wins as the talent changes. To evaluate them fairly is to ask if they are competitive at their talent level.
: 2-the recruiting model
: I believe Cooper falls into that category and I'd doubt he'd deny it. I think this model does fly in the face of the goal and theme of HS basketball, but it's out there none the less. In order to sustain this model, coaches will need to bring in talent on a yearly basis as they are not building from within. When a coach (like Cooper) leaves a school like this, the program usually drops unless the new guy does the same (see LV Luth after Coop as an example).

: Here's another thought: How would guys in the recruiting model do if they just had to coach who showed up? And...

: How would the guys that coach who shows up do if they had an influx of talent yearly.

: I.E. it's EASY to coach talented kids (like if you have a 7'er)

: The best coaching is done by guys who grind it our year in and out. That's what HS basketball is about in my view.

: Go ahead, hate on this!!

No hate here. The guys who grind it out year in and year out are the guys who last in coaching. The other models seem like they are always one step ahead of the posse.

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