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Posted by IE Coach on June 06, 2017 at 10:24:03:

In Reply to: Ignored as a youth.... let's talk about it posted by Justin Credible on June 06, 2017 at 00:40:16:

: : : : : : : : : : Matt Bradley just committed to Cal. They got a steal.

: : : : : : : : : Cal is a mess! Good luck young man, you will need it. Side bet he transfers under 2 years.

: : : : : : : : Lose Baker and get Bradley huh? Interesting, but I'm pretty sure Baker left for a good reason.

: : : : : : : Bradley is a much better player than Baker. Baker will transfer after one year.

: : : : : : Calm down dad. The kid is good, but stop it with the he is a steal for the Pac 12. With that kind of talk I surmise that you are thinking he is a Kentucky, UNC or Duke level player? Ummm, that is a NO! There is a reason it took so long to get a great offer like Cal. Hope the kid goes there, works hard and gets his degree and laughs all the way to a long life of being a working stiff like the rest of us, albeit with better connections and awesome stories of being a D1 athlete. If, however, you don't hit the books, transfer a time or two and try that cash me ahside shit like that joke of a display vs. The Compton Magic, then it will not be a good story. I get it, Mr. Defender/Dad/Uncle or whatever, love the passion for the kid's game, but be realistic and calm down a bit. Oh yeah, teach young Mr. Bradley to get thicker skin and learn how to deal with getting beat by a better team and stop trying to fight everyone because there is always someone bigger and badder than you.

: : : : : Facts

: : : : Thanks Jungle Nutz. Appreciate the validation

: : : I'm none of the above. Both of my kids have already graduated from College. I'm just a local HS Coach that has coached against him. If you can criticize him surely I can criticize you. You clearly need some thicker skin. He's clearly not Kentucky level based on their recent recruiting classes, but he was a steal for Cal and is a better all around player than Baker, based on my professional opinion.#Facts #Dealwithit

: : Hey coach, please don't confuse "FACTS" with OPINIONS. You are offering your informed opinion. A steal for Call makes it sound like you are representing, with your years of experience coaching, that he is too good for Cal, and presumably, the Pac-12. What i states about his thin skin and big tough guy want to fight the whole team act and the FACT that there is ALWAYS someone bigger and badder than you is not an opinion. Sorry, #YOUdealwitit!

: He's not a steal for Cal. You're also arguing with yourself. Nobody said that he was bad. You weren't hugged much as a child were you?

And you are clearly not loved much and definitely don't have any female companionship as you spend so much time on this message board. Move along dick breath. Bradley = Baller........Me = Coach...........You = wanna be sportscaster/critic. FOH

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