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Posted by Keyser soze on June 06, 2017 at 09:06:38:

I'd have to agree that calling him 'worst coach ever' is a bit unfair.
What we have in HS basketball is two models of running a program:
1-the neighborhood model.
While the majority of schools follow this model, it is becoming less prominent. Build it with youth programs and coach the kids you have. These programs will have dips in wins as the talent changes. To evaluate them fairly is to ask if they are competitive at their talent level.
2-the recruiting model
I believe Cooper falls into that category and I'd doubt he'd deny it. I think this model does fly in the face of the goal and theme of HS basketball, but it's out there none the less. In order to sustain this model, coaches will need to bring in talent on a yearly basis as they are not building from within. When a coach (like Cooper) leaves a school like this, the program usually drops unless the new guy does the same (see LV Luth after Coop as an example).

Here's another thought: How would guys in the recruiting model do if they just had to coach who showed up? And...

How would the guys that coach who shows up do if they had an influx of talent yearly.

I.E. it's EASY to coach talented kids (like if you have a 7'er)

The best coaching is done by guys who grind it our year in and out. That's what HS basketball is about in my view.

Go ahead, hate on this!!

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