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Posted by outside perspective on March 20, 2017 at 18:56:01:

In Reply to: Re: Hype posted by Valley watcher on March 20, 2017 at 16:42:25:

: : : : Burbank High had a nice run but are we over hyping this? How does a D1 enrollment school (2600+ students) end up in 3AA and Division 4 in State playing vs schools with less then 500 enrollment... Its kinda like winning the NIT and hoisting the we're number 1 sign.... lol... Gonna be tough next year when they get bumped to their correct division... Now we get to see what type of coach Burbank has when he's left with only his kids... Good Luck!

: : : can you get any more hateful....give it a rest....not burbank's fault....they play where they are placed.....if anything CIF should get some of it because they created this system

: : first of all...who cares! it's burbank! lol. But i couldn't help to post and tell the person who started this post that you clearly are a hater just to knock a school who had been down and got some life again. So what if the coach doesn't do well like they did this year. They probably won't. Looking at maxpreps the previous coach couldn't do it with his own players he brought in and looks like this no name 2nd year new coach was in every game even against pasadena so he has to be able to coach somewhat. You must have something personal against their new coach because the other part about all this once again's Burbank! Who cares about Burbank! Lol.

: Burbank owes the old coach a Thanks ,he brought in 4 of the players and 3 of them played Varsity as Freshmen . also they were in Division 1 and won a Playoff game against Good competition and almost beat Santa Monica , who went on to win state in Division 1 . The Burbank team had the same league place as the old coach , at least the old coach had a reason ...young talent and went to playoffs both years in Division 1 . Bottom line he won with Talent he didn't develop anyone , the old coach was too much better but at least he had a reason and competed at there appropriate level .
: didn't see many games but around the League Burbank had the most talent ... 4th Place with 3 , 4 years varsity starters ...
: Those are the facts

Well...we got our answer about something personal against Burbank and the new coach...this is probably the old coach posting all this lol...a lot of praise about the old coach, how much Burbank needs to thank him for bringing in talent and details going all the way back to some years ago where they played Santa monica. Give it up. Plus for you to say they had the best talent in the league goes to show you how ridiculous you are and that you are full of crap about seeing games around the league...i didn't see Burbank play one game and don't plan on it bcuz like I said earlier who cares about Burbank (no offense lol), but I can tell you there is no way you saw games and thought Burbank were more talented than Pasadena with Bryce Hamilton 2x MVP and Muir lol. Makes no sense. Burbank having the most talent in the league goes to show that you just talk out ur a**. Give it up old Burbank coach. lol

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