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Posted by Excuses satisfy only those who make them on March 17, 2017 at 11:48:25:

In Reply to: Re: Notre Dame respect posted by ? on March 17, 2017 at 10:26:42:

: : : : : : : : : Notre Dame job opening up

: : : : : : : : It's the worst job in the Mission. Whoever takes it just wants a head coaching gig. ND dgaf about their basketball team

: : : : : : : :why dont you take it Valley coach? You seem to have all the answers. What is your coaching resume Valley Coach?

: : : : : : I'm put on earth to help others and I take it seriously. I give people better smiles through my profession. I'm pretty sure that I've put a dancer or two through school. You're welcome Jade and Crystal. Anyhoo... I've been posting helpful recommendations for high school. For instance this was a recommendation for Notre Dame that I posted sometime last week

: : : : : : "Notre Dame: Send your freshman forward to Chaminade and end your basketball program. Seriously, can you send us Zaire Williams to replace KJ Martin. He's going to wise up and leave you eventually. (To Zaire: Do you want to go through the last season 3 more times? There's no winning at Notre Dame.)"

: : : : : : Besides the high school Notre Dame kids that's writing me on twitter, which is funny, Notre Dame doesn't care about basketball. Btw, the kids were very respectful and witty. But back to ND's hoops program. Coach Oliver has now left because he wanted a larger role on campus and ND said, 'Oh no. You're not going to get a basketball player in here. We actually don't want you on campus as much as you are.' They gave Coach Oliver a ND polo with a soccer ball on it and it took them 8 months to give the ok for hoops attire. How long has he been there? Why did he take that job? Where's his next job? Is it Village Christian.

: : : : : : Notre Dame takes pride in their "classical campus feel." No, it's old. It's really old when you visit Harvard Westlake that's around the corner. But Village Christian's Mad Max campus is an even harder sell for families. And the former coach completely destroyed that program. ND was 2-10 in league play last year but they're not expected to win, ever. Go to Village and they hope to win. They played a weak schedule for wins but now they have to play programs that aren't in Van Nuys Roscoe Blvd Division 8 league. If it's true, and he's going to Village Christian, is VC a better job than ND?

: : : : : To Notre Dame's credit, they're not going to give a coach freedom to admit kids in at will. I joke about their hoops program but the truth is that they don't care about basketball. But I respect that they don't pretend to. I don't know of any daddy ball, I haven't heard about any moral issues with the program so I do have to commend them for the honesty that they have about their hoops and school at large.

: : : : We need to completely change the program like we did baseball. ND should interview coach white and wolfson and give them a blank check. Cut the BS and change the culture of hoops. I'm sick of losing

: : : Like any school if you have a good coach, you can at least compete. Fact is ND coach didn't/doesn't know how to coach basketball. Word is he could play but playing and coaching are two very different things. He should have been canned years ago. Did you ever see how he acted? Like a kid throwing fits. Kids looked miserable and not only did he not build up the program but be also brought down morale for kids. Schools cant have families leaving by the masses because of one bad coach. He is lucky they let him "resign".

: : Always felt like Oliver was a good coach and knows what he's doing. Got his players to play hard and compete.
: : Of course players are going to be miserable when they're getting their butts kicked every league game. Talent wise, they had no talent, 1 maybe 2 good players on the team with a bunch of scrubs.
: : Agree, administration needs to change or it's going to be a dead end job.

: didn't he beat harvard westlake 3 times last year?....once for a section title...or in playoffs at least....i could be wrong....good coach....can't make chicken soup out of.....well you know the rest

Actually, a good coach can make chicken soup...ask around. Why is it bad coaches blame the kids/school/admin? Good coaches don't go around making excuses. If they lose they own it. They are smart enough to work with what they have and ADAPT. Oliver had one plan and stuck with it no matter what. Other (good) coaches new his gameplan and adapted. Sure, ND didn't have a Cassius or a Ball, but neither did Loyola, Chaminade, St. Francis, even Crespi. Yet somehow ALL those coaches knew how to go out there and get the best out of what they had and if they lost they took their L's and kept it moving. If you're gonna throw your hands up and whine and complain about the school and players then resign. or quit. or get fired.

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