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Posted by trust fund? on March 13, 2017 at 22:39:22:

In Reply to: Re: LaVar Ball Totally Off the Rocker posted by Hear him tell it on March 13, 2017 at 19:00:12:

: : : :

: : : : With his wife in bed due to a stroke, this bully keeps flabbing his lips. Incredible

: : : From the article:

: : : The Ball boys already are riding in style ó at least the two that have driverís licenses. Lonzo and LiAngelo each drive $100,000 BMWs, said Ball, who is a self-employed personal trainer and whose wife, Tina, is a middle school physical education teacher.
: : : ďTo get my boys a little $100,000 car, thatís nothing,íí he said. ďI donít have to pay for education. Iím saving over $1 million dollars."
: : : ► Darren Moore, a family friend who LaVar said he has paid to live in Westwood this season and keep tabs on Lonzo. Moore said he has attended every UCLA practice and UCLA road game.

: : :
: : : Saving over a million because he doesn't have to pay for college (typical over exaggeration) doesn't mean you HAVE a million dollars. Damn sure Lavar "The personal trainer" Ball and Tina "The teacher" Ball didnt save the $400,000 it would have cost the boys to attend UCLA without a scholarship. My question is how they could pay for two 100K cars plus the other cars the adults have and this Darren Moore salary and living expense as Lavar is claiming on a trainer that doesn't train anyone except the CHHS administration and the head coaches at CHHS on a teacher's salary? Seems bery bery suspicious to me.

: : Was Lavar born rich or did he have a wealthy grandparent/uncle? Don't think he's that dumb...if he was accepting benefits, he'd wait at least until July before flaunting his wealth like that.

: He was raised in the ghetto to hear him tell it and all this Big Baller big spending and multiple 100 K cars didn't start showing up till Zo rose up the national scene like a rocket ship. At some point all of a sudden Lavar and the Ball boys became Etop's "goons" and "soldiers" and the UCLA and Compton Magic affiliation with Adidas happened. Just saying. This dude ain't made any money worth reporting on from his "training" because he trains his boys and whatever ringer he wants to come into CHHS where he houses and feeds them (Acwuah and Eli) other than that, who is paying for his BS? Guaranteed the IRS docs show he is making little to nothing there and the Big BullShit Bully Brand didn't come up until like last year. Maybe they are selling millions of dollars of that BS, but I would bet they are giving away and wearing more of their own product than they are selling! One need not be a forensic accountant or a PhD in economics to know that the math don't add up. Pure speculation, but an agent, a proxy, some shoe company or other hidden source of funding has to be involved. Dude is supporting his family, Eli Scott, Daren Moore, a travel schedule with gasoline charges that would cripple a millionaire, multiple large and in charge cars befitting a big bald buffoon and ain't worked a day in his life? Come on man. Do the math. Mark my words, someone is gonna get stiffed or shorted what they think they are owed and will rat out the whole crew. Lavar gonna make Chris Mills' daddy and those other dads that got accused of shady shit look like choirboys. Or maybe he is pure as the driven snow and just a wonderful father that has a big mouth and a vision? I've been wrong before, but if it smells like bullshit, looks like bullshit and definitely the words coming out of his mouth sounds like bullshit, it is probably bullshit!

Guess there's a small chance an in-law or relative somewhere had a trust fund set up with disbursements for the sons, and once it became apparent that all sons would get scholarships of some kind, the trustee allowed for more money to flow from the trust. His wife doesn't work much either, but they raised three boys and live in a five bedroom house. They've had some source of money over the years despite only having odd jobs.

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