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Posted by Curious on March 12, 2017 at 22:04:00:

In Reply to: Rebibo's reply, Fairfax xoxo posted by Justin Credible on March 12, 2017 at 22:01:48:

: : : : : : : Exactly.

: : : : : : : And playing in D2.

: : : : : : : Lol

: : : : : : : Tallest midget in the circus.

: : : : : : Lol. The hate is real. They're d2 but I'd take their 2 year outlook over Bishop Montgomery or Sierra Canyon.
: : : : : : Hey JC, what's your advice for Sierra Canyon?

: : : : : Sierra Canyon: What you did to your coaches was embarrassing. I've been telling you for years that Nichols isn't a good head coach. I know that it was tough to replace him because you were winning. But you should have been smart to see "how you're winning." Your players didn't improve. I give you credit for staying loyal and not recruiting. (Bagley doesn't count. You take the number 1 player if you can get him.) But switching Nichols for Chevy was unfair to both. Now you have to go out at get a new head coach. You also have to replace your starting lineup. We all know that you have to play Marvin's little brother or Poppa Bagley is taking his ball (sons) and leaving. Where's your other 3 starters? Do not say your bench. That's drier than Heritage Christian's campus quad.

: : : : : Get a coach. Not a micromanager like Palarz but a guy that can guide talent. Redondo got rid of one because they wanted to reduce their melanin count. Get him. Do not take a senior transfer. Go juniors and sophomores. Think long term. You could go 1 junior but if you mess up, just live with it. Just go down the road to Taft and see if Antwan January's contract expired. They're point guard is very good and a D1 player. He's on his 2nd school and might like Taft. But January is always ready to leave.

: : : : Montgomery is at least playing with the big boys. Sorry, the stuff Westlake is doing is not impressive. They want to pop off about they're talent and winning then go play with the big boys - go Open.

: : : : I dare you.

: : : :Hey Justin! heard Ethan Anderson is on his way to Sierra Canyon. they have already started on the new roster.

: : --------------------------------------------

: : I've heard rumors that Cassius Stanley, KJ Martin, and now Ethan Anderson might be transferring to Sierra Canyon. This smells like SC admin getting nervous that the Bagley family was promised some things (in order to entice them to move from AZ) and SC failed to deliver on those promises--No CIF title, no state title. With that squad? Wow.

: : If Sierra Canyon gets in a boatload of talent next season, you better believe that the CIF offices will be getting multiple complaints (especially since the Bagley transfer already put them in the CIF office's crosshairs).

: : The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Stay put young fellas and bloom where you're already planted...unless the coach is terrible.

: Dave Rebibo's response to the doubters about the open division is 'We don't decide it. The committee does.' I would like to say that Dave and I were on double dates with 2 Japanese moms from Santa Monica, one is a Soul Cycle instructor and the other is a yoga instructor. But I can't. He just told me on twitter. Yes, I'm on social media. I'm also on a flight so I'm letting my opinions fly tonight.

: If it's true, Ethan Anderson is a good get. He's a very good player but they'll still need another defensive guard. How does Anderson pair with Bagley? He does know that there will be less shot opportunities than what he's getting at Fairfax right?

: Fairfax: If it's true, losing Anderson is tough. But I don't think that it's devastating. He's a very good player. But I do like Hartwell and their wing. I can't remember his number. Steal a big from Crenshaw high school. Hey Baik, how's actually getting to coach?

What's your twitter handle, JC?

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