I told you about Alemany & Harvard Westlake, advice to other schools. Trust in Justin

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Posted by Justin Credible on March 12, 2017 at 16:42:05:

So....Where's the Alemany fans that were thread yelling at me when I said that Harvard Westlake will finish as the best team in the Mission? By the tone it felt like a mom or a really hurt dad.
Alemany is a good team. Not taking anything away. But where HW freshman were at the start of the season, compared to where Alemany's upperclassmen were, it was a no brainer.
Are you guys still going to argue with me about Rebibo? Really? Come on, just admit that the guy is doing very well at HW. The school has unlimited resources. I predicted this before the season started. Lol. I'm kind of good at this. Lol. If I could predict my house keeper's line for an indecent proposal as well as I see hoops, I'd be a happy man.
HW will be a very, very good team for the next 3 years. He trick is for Rebibo to avoid what I keep hearing these idiotic high school coaches say that they want to do. DO NOT RECRUIT AT YOUR LOCKED POSITIONS UNTIL THOSE GUYS ARE JUNIORS TURNING SENIORS! These loser coaches will say, "we always have to reload." No you don't. Don't let these wanna be Calapari coaches ruin the in progress dynasty. Rebibo, you want to keep what you have. You'll be exposed at your pg position but get a lacrosse player that can slide his feet on defense to play that.

Alemany: You'll lose Davis but you'll be ok. You needed a point guard for 4 years and had solid success. You have a Big that looked ok yesterday. Except for when he got dunked on. DJ is solid.

Notre Dame: Send your freshman forward to Chaminade and end your basketball program. Seriously, can you send us Zaire Williams to replace KJ Martin. He's going to wise up and leave you eventually. (To Zaire: Do you want to go through the last season 3 more times? There's no winning at Notre Dame.)

Winward: Let's first see how long this coaching staff is around. You should be on the phone with the ONeal family every day.

Crossroads: IF the rumors are true, and you really fired your coach over the influence of #10's parents, then can you send Shaunie... sorry... Shareef ONeal to Chaminade? Keep #10. We'll take Shaunie and the D1 player. (To: Shareef, there's nothing wrong with change when it's right. You're not going to win there. If you don't come to Nade, go back to Winward.)

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