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Posted by observer on March 08, 2017 at 15:15:00:

In Reply to: Re: What Should the Open Division Be? posted by Big Worm on March 08, 2017 at 13:29:18:

: : : : : : : : : : : If you play well in the D6 Sectional Finals they move you up based on final score?

: : : : : : : : : : get moved up if CIF knows you are cheating and they can prove it, except for properly done paperwork. A punishment disguised as respect. Has nothing to do with how the finals went, and everything to do with 11 skilled Euros magically appearing at a school over the summer.
: : : : : :
: : : : : : Wrong, all the euro kids are not skilled, 1 is low D1 player Maybe. 3 divison2 or NAIA at best. the rest need to get better. 6 are Jv players. best thing the school did is getting rid of sweeney the article prove it. the CIF did there job, sweeney is mad the didnt give former player marvin lee a prep school, what a joke and his killing dads hardwork and name. every school some how have magically have a new kid show up. look around, especially mid season.

: : : : : : : : : If thats the case Mater Dei should be playing the Golden State Warriors in the first round of state!

: : : : : : : : You mean Bishop Montgomery who beat Mater Dei by 25. Get your facts right otherwise you're a Trump Alternative Liar.

: : : : : : : facts are straight. MD are the cheaters so should move up. And Bishop won by 15. Get your facts straight pinocchio.

: : : : : At least Mater Dei is in the Open and so should Carnegie. Wonderful that CIF moved them way up. I hope you lose first game.

: : : : Moving them to the Open would bump a more competitive team from the Open, so this is not the answer.

: : : I am very torn on this.

: : : For one thing, I do like that the Open is at least considered the absolute 16 best teams in the section (give or take a few at the bottom of the bracket). However, for those teams barely making the bracket, I have yet to see a year when those teams had a realistic shot of doing any real damage in the Open division. I'm especially sensitive as a Compton High alum, because we had been put in the Open 2 out of the past 3 years (won a title the one year we weren't in the Open, but didn't make the playoffs at all this year!), and unfortunately, I never believed we had "certain things" (don't get me started...) that would have given them a real chance at anything other than a consolation victory or two. Also, in terms of a team like Compton, we have a lot of home grown athletes, many of which who leave the city and never play a minute for Compton, Centennial of Dominguez, instead opting for private schools, or simply getting out of the community to places like Long Beach, Cerritos and others. Since the downfall of Russel Otis and Dominguez, and even the departure of Rod Palmer with Compton and Centennial, it has seemed to me that more Compton natives and residents have transferred out of the city than back in. Therefore, a team like Compton is rarely what I would consider to be a team full of recruits, but perhaps I am wrong.

: : : And that brings me to the question of what SHOULD the Open Division be about? Should it be strictly based on the absolute best 16 teams, as judged by the critics/experts based on both performance and recent history? Or should it also accommodate for teams loaded with transfers such as this years Carnegie team? Although a Carnegie fan might not like this next point, it is obvious that they didn't belong in D6. And bringing in an entire roster (from across the world no less!) should definitely force them to have to deal with MD's, BM's, CH's and SC's of the world. And since the teams that have been populating the bottom half of the Open bracket have had almost zero chance of advancing in the winners bracket anyway, does it matter that Carnegie would not have even been as competitive as those teams?

: : : After all, teams like Esperanza that have a once in a generation player leading a mostly neighborhood team to mostly unprecedented heights for their school, basically receive a death sentence in the Open. Although the Open qualifiers get automatic entry to state, teams like Esperanza had no chance for a section title in the Open, despite one of the best teams (THE best?) they've ever fielded. But they are not guilty of doing what it appears Carnegie has done. So what would have been better for Esperanza? A placement somewhere in Divisions 1-3, or a death sentence in the Open? Or What's better for the D6 teams that got crushed by 40 by a European all-star team? I doubt that getting crushed by recruited 7 footers in preferred.

: : : So as I said, I'm torn on this. I don't even particularly like Esperanza, but I would prefer to see great neighborhood teams like them in their regular divisions, making long playoff runs to have a chance to win their section and still qualify for state, as opposed to them becoming a speed bump for Sierra Canyon or Mater Dei. And even though I believe that Esperanza is a better overall competitive team than Carnegie, after the way Carnegie built its roster, I have no problem watching them become a speed bump in the Open, as opposed to them handing Riverside School for the Deaf a 60 point beatdown. If only the Open Division didn't guarantee a state tournament berth for those teams...

: : Carnegie lost at Cathedral. Cathedral lost by 56 to BM. Putting Carnegie in the Open would make for bad basketball, while Mater Dei and Sierra Canyon have been challenged by much lower seeds in the open over the years.

: : How about an eight team open division for private schools under 1250? Kinda need one if multiple teams are declining state invitations in the lower divisions.

: Believe it or not, that's kind of my point. After doing what they did in putting together an all-star team just to play a D6 schedule (hopefully they are looking to upgrade their schedule now that they've imported an entire roster), I would be perfectly fine with them taking the kind of beating that they've put on other D6 schools.

If Carnegie had gone to Open in place of Heritage Christian, Heritage goes to the 2A Finals, eliminating a lot of local neighborhood teams in the process.

So the end result would be screwing over more large schools just to see Pacifica Christian play Foothill Tech in the D6 Finals

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