Re: Rolling Hils Prep in the same boat!

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Posted by Salty on March 05, 2017 at 13:06:12:

In Reply to: Rolling Hils Prep too? posted by Spicer on March 05, 2017 at 12:49:20:

: : : : : I showed everyone just do illegal stuff and you can get away with it. America's best Foreign Team Carnegie!

: : : : Weak ass schedule, weak division. .. paper champs

: : : Develop & recruit, you want be mad. Typically Orange County people always looking for a excuse when they lose. I.E.Baby!!

: : I.E. Conservatives learn how to cheat big time

: What about Rolling H Prep? What if the team Carniege played had won? There are always issues. But was any of this illegal? Someone said bc there's a new coach that coaches club, as if that matters. Doesn't every team in America try to improve? Perhaps those crying should have played a stronger schedule. Perhaps those crying today should have played the Crean Lutherans, St. Margarit's, Brethren Christians, etc. A slightly more competitive schedule, on the road, in a bigger venue would have eliminated the shock and nervousness of a young team. Neither D6 team was battled tested, but both could have done better. John Wooden- He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail.

Rolling Hills Prep did the same thing and yes, unfortunately sometimes cheaters prosper. Sondy want to talk about Harvey Kitani every other tweet, when the Balls aren't on his mind, but never gives any credit to the players. Although RHP has 8 transfers that had to sit for 30 days, and were recruited, they still went out there and balled. Why do morals and standards stop having meaning when sports become involved?

It's not about I.E., OC or LA.... it's about your lack of having a conscience when a trophy is on the line. If Katani, is so good, let me see him develop a bunch of kids into a Champion... not hand pick your squad...... maybe he can't.

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