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Posted by Observer on February 27, 2017 at 20:45:24:

In Reply to: Re: Cho Ass up posted by Wait a minute now on February 27, 2017 at 19:38:16:

: : : : : 4th or 5th

: : : : : 23 had a helluva game at Galen.

: : : : : Scott and O are just misused because of the situation.

: : : : : Right now anyone on that team besides the 2 chosen ones are doing nothing more than playing playground/park pickup ball. Honestly, they'd probably develop more playing with a bunch of mailmen and FedEx drivers on their lunch hours than what they're doing now.

: : : : My ribs hurt reading some of this guy's posts. Savage is on level 10.
: : : : Big O could go anyplace. He should look at going to anyplace except for Chino Hills next year. But Lavar is going to sweet talk him into staying. He'll try to sell him that it will be a dynamic duo. Lamelo will shoot even more. Is that possible?

: : : Big O could go anywhere but probably won't he is a Chino Hills home grown kid. And playing at Chino Hills is not going to hurt his recruiting, being that all recruiting happens during the summer anyway. He joined Compton Magic last spring so he will be fine there getting the exposure he needs. If Lavar really had his hands on Big O you would have seen him playing on Lavar's team in the summer. Like you see with Eli.

: : : Should he transfer? YES. Will he transfer? Doubt it.

: : : My opinion, but people need to lay off of Coach Gilling. Right now his hands are tied behind his back with his situation. Its not just Lavar, you have the Chino Hills administration all bought in on doing it Lavar's way because of the exposure and excitement with the "Ball Brothers". Why do you think Baik left? BTW Baik is having a solid season at Fairfax in his first year despite a lot of injuries there. I dont think you will be able to make a fair assessment on Coach Gilling until after Melo leaves.

: : Are you saying that we can only make an assessment of him when he doesn't have to deal with a father? We should only judge him when it's easier for him. Cho Ass up. His hands aren't tied behind his back. He can have a spine and actually coach and say to hell with Lavar. He's standing there being the punchline. If it's too much for him then walk away. Just don't sit there looking like a fool.

: Gilling knew what he was signing up for. He saw it first hand under Baikoff and I am sure Lavar made it clear to Gilling what was expected. The fact that he couldn't draw up something at the end of regulation better than Melo chucking a 40 footer is what Lavar gets for putting in a puppet instead of a real proven head coach.

LMAO...I'm not saying he didn't know what he was signing up for. But I guarantee that he knows that he's got 2 more years left with Melo before he can truly start doing what he wants with the program. That's just the way it is. It's not smart on his part to fight with Lavar and the chino hills administration when he can just wait it out get a ton of wins on his record and go the direction that he wants to go when Melo is gone. It's simple. Coach Gilling could have drawn up the best play in the world on that last play of regulation that wouldn't have mattered once Melo and/or Gelo touched the ball everyone in the building knew a 30-40 three pointer was getting thrown up there.

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