Big O should run away! Chino Hills coach is getting roasted nationally

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Posted by Justin Credible on February 27, 2017 at 12:21:01:

In Reply to: Re: Transfers, CIF pls change the rule, advice to Village families... no cure posted by Big O should GO! on February 27, 2017 at 10:30:06:

: : : : :They need some one to take Justice Sueing spot next year. Many will want to transfer in who is it ?

: : : KJ Martin would become a better player with Mater Dei than he would at Sierra Canyon. He would learn how to play vs relying on athletism. With KJ Martin leaving Chaminade it really sets the program back. He's a sophomore with college potential, good kid and it's a blow to a program that's trying to recover from bad administrative interference and terrible coaching and operating. Massacre Moore wasn't there too long but look how the dominos are falling. Which leads me to Village Christian... There was a post from an angry parent about Village Christian keeping their coach. Village SHOULD keep him.
: : : I know, it sounds crazy but here's why. They're not fooling anybody any more. When they win with a bad schedule they celebrate. They've had senior and junior transfers in and out for years. Ask around about the basketball coach and count how many times the word "inept" comes up.
: : : But if you're a parent there you experienced this first hand. Village is not Chaminade. You're not in recovery mode. What you have is a culture that's promoted by your administration. Your coach shouldn't get fired. He might end up at another school. He should stay right there. If you have an issue with the negative culture then you should leave. Don't listen to the Sondy's and Pollon's of social media that talk negatively about kids transferring. They're hypocrites and have an allegiance to certain coaches. If you stay at Village Christian don't complain. Not now. Not over summer. Not next season. Don't tell me that your son is about to be senior and wants to graduate with friends. If so, you stuck with Village for 3 years already. There are no upperclassmen, junior or senior, on Village with D3 potential. Where are you going besides the library? If your son is an underclassman, leave and don't look back. The CIF should allow all sophomores and freshman to transfer without a sit out period. Even if they transfer midseason. It's because of coaches like the Ryan Moores, Jon Shaws and even worse, Russell Otis of the world.
: : : You should vent about your coach on the forum. It's a good warning for other parents. But save it if you're staying there. Playing for Village Christian is like paying for a good time from Craigslist when it first came out. Ok, you messed up once (1 year). But more than that means that you already have herpes from Village. It's sad, get the initial tears out, but just deal with it. Don't tell me that 2 out of 6 people have it. You're now gross to the hoops community.

: : Yup. If you stay you already know what it is. But that goes for a few schools with coaches that's been there. You can't complain and stay in a situation. That's what Mr. Boatwright did. He just took his kid and left. No need for a conversation. He saw what it's like at Village. Big O needs to haul ass out of Chino Hills and not say a word.

: But where?

Anywhere? Anywhere? GO ANYWHERE? I want to say to go to Chaminade but the chances of that happening is pretty low. Go to Sierra Canyon and play in some really good tournaments. He wouldn't improve. He could go to Mater Dei and they'd make it seem like he improves but he'd probably bounce around in college like the other players from Mater Dei because they actually can't play but used to the fake attention. Selfishly I'd like to see him in the mission league with Loyola but to be realistic, why not Bishop Montgomery? Why not Etiwanda?
Chino Hill's coach is getting roasted nationally. ESPN, NBC, Dan Patrick, Jo Lo and Dibs and more is saying that there was no coaching for Chino Hills. One guy said that he would be embarrassed to call himself the coach of Chino Hills after watching 2 kids shoot and miss that many shots on a consistent basis.
Not only are they shooting a lot and missing a lot, but they're the 3rd and 4th best on the team.

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