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Posted by Jack Nelson on February 26, 2017 at 14:31:13:

In Reply to: Re: No Coaching is done at Chino Hills posted by Irishman on February 26, 2017 at 10:56:27:

: :Someone must be doing something well, as Chino hills has lost a total of just 2 games in 2 years, anyone have a better 2 year record???
: I'm listening, 2 loses in 2 years to Oak Hill and Mater dei
: NO ONE compares to that,

Well as someone has pointed out, Mater Dei has surpassed that a few times but I know they had coaching along with players so if I understand that this team has compiled a record like this by just throwing the ball out on the court and letting it fly, it is a lot more amazing than the Mater Dei team. In my lifetime , there have been a lot of rules changes in basketball but the three biggest game changers were the elimination of the center jump ball after each basket in the 30's, the widening of the free throw lane in the 50s and then the three point shot which has produce more upsets and big comebacks and strategic differences than any other change. I notice all the comments about how terrible Chino Hills is now that they lost to Oak Hill academy in the last minute of a game that they had led most of the game for their first loss after 60 straight wins and now they lost in overtime to Mater Dei and they really stunk out the joint in that one against a team that was 30-1 going in to the game and that one loss was to the team they were playing so that loss in OT on Friday night and the one against Oak Hill at the Nike Extravaganza in the final minutes against teams that both had coaches with over 1000 victories in their coaching career so I am saying that they are the only team that records will show that the only losses in their last 66 games were to teams with coaches that had over 1000 victories so I guess my comment to those of you downgrading Chino Hills is that they must be the greatest high school team ever to play without a coach and have a 64-2 record. Just think, If they had not missed a bunch of free throws in the Oak Hill game and if they had just made one more three pointer along the way against Mater Dei they would be 66-0 without a coach so I think you would have to give that team a lot of credit for getting this far and who is to say,that next time it may go there way and you can count them out if you want to but I would guess they have just as good a chance as any team still playing to win the state championship. I can second guess as well as anyone and would have gone to Ujadughele for three pointer instead of the Balls as he had the hot hand and made 4-6 from three point country in the game while the brothers combined for 3-16 in the 4th quarter and OT but that doesn't mean I am right as the coach would have been castigated if he had done that and Ofure had not hit the shots. I do have one more thing that you can ponder. The Huskies took 54 three point shots in the game and made 18 so that is 54 points in 54 shots which is the same as making 27 put of 54 two pointers for 50% shooting pct where 18-54 is 33 % Chino Hills made a total of 26-85 shots ,including 3 pointers for 30.6% while Mater Dei made 33-68 shots for 48.5% which is pretty good shooting pct, yet if they had not hit 7-8 from the free throw line in OT, they may have lost the game so I think that may be the Chino Hills team strategy ,to get offensive rebounds and keep firing up those three pointers and as long as you can hit about 33% of them you are going to get more than your fair share of wins

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