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Posted by Whoever said ... on February 25, 2017 at 22:49:05:

In Reply to: Re: Avoid Philadelphia posted by Justin Credible on February 25, 2017 at 22:22:04:

: : : : : : : The power of media is incredible. Sure, there are things that's too hard to sell us on. We're not going to buy into kids dribbling on tanks and you wil not fool us on Gelo Ball. But media almost fooled a lot of people on Melo until they see a game. Media also influences... or should I say enchances what we like... I'm not talking about commercials....
: : : : : : : ...OK, I'm all in on black women. (Yes, it's sports related.) Has anyone seen ESPN's lineup? My goodness. I've asked for Chaminade to bring in Davon and Jamal. Can I be around for the parent interviews? I've been heavily influenced by sportscenter.
: : : : : : : Is it just me?

: : : : : : Such a pleasure watching UCLA vs Arizona tonight with Jay Bilas instead of Bill Walton. Thanks ESPN.

: : : : : I'd take Cari Champion or Lisa Salters or Jemele Hill or Josina Anderson over Jay Bilas any day.

: : : : They said Lavar was in the stands and they have an interview with him at the 16 min mark timeout. They went to the timeout,came back and showed a dude who looked like Terry Crews. Then they said "we were provided with bad information" and I just sat there laughing. They then showed a text from someone stating that Lavar was on the radio and said "my boy will only play for the Lakers".

: : : He's trying to make sure that Philadelphia doesn't take him because they could have the Lakers' pick. Have you been to Philadelphia? Im taking the Hollywood Hills over Broad St and Bullet holes any day. Plus that franchise is s mess. Above the Knicks and Kings. But still a mess. However if Lisa Salters is there I'd go with no hesitation.

: : Philadelphia doesn't have the Lakers' pick unless it falls out of the Top 3, which Lonzo won't do. Lavar would send him back to UCLA or overseas, before letting him go #4.

: : Philadelphia has swap rights with Sacramento, so you can add Sacramento's lotto chances to Philly's. Both teams are tanking, and Philadelphia could have an 83% chance at a top 3 pick if they finish 3rd-4th worst with Sacramento.

: : The Lakers will have to tank hard to take the 2 spot.

: Who's the general manager with the percentages? Is Cari Champion or Lisa Salters somehow in this? If not, who cares? If Lonzo gets drafted below 3, he's not going overseas and whoever said that Lavar would send him back to UCLA doesn't know how basketball works.

... anything that relates to Lavar allowing Zo to do anything g but sign the biggest possible contract in the League doesn't know Lavar! Ain't no way he is going overseas, back to UCLA or doing anything else but signing the contract with whatever team takes him at 1, 2 or 3, PERIOD! Lavar needs to get paid and paid he will get. There is only so long he can live large without a job before the NCAA or the IRS starts asking questions! Big money coming from somewhere and it ain't fromthr stupid Big Bald Buffoon clothing line, his money from "training" his boys and Eli or his wife's PE teacher gig. So when Zo gets drafted, Lavar will hVe that kids signing as quickly as possible for as much he can get. Doubt he is stupid enough to demand Lakers only or more money than the slot allows etc, but who knows. At that point Zo would need to fire Pops and put him on the sideline with a muzzle!

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