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Posted by Parent on February 24, 2017 at 14:36:33:

How does one know which program is going to develop my son?

Is it the prestige in the name of the program?

Heard this varies every year depending on the quality of players.

Is it the size of the program?

Earl Watson elite getting pretty big now, but if you are not on the top team then you are just paying for those that are. Top team selection getting political? This happens at every large program not jus ewe.

Quality of players on that team?

Too many players/parents switching teams all the time, how do you know who your teammates are going to be?

Quality of coaching during practices?
How long has this coach actually coached at this level and who have they developed?
How many practices per week? Your son is going to develop if the level of competition, progression of drills and work ethic are there.

This varies too, depending on how much profit the program/coach expects and what tournaments are selected. Some coaches select cheap tournaments for two reasons. One their team is not good enough for a top tear tournament and they want to make sure their team has some success and two there are political affiliations and some programs don't want to give profit to their competitors although it is in the best interest of your son to play on that tournament with more exposure. When selecting a club ask your coach for a schedule and make sure they are playing tournaments from Freitas, Double Pump, OGP, Compton, EWE, Bigfoot, etc. Remember some programs are getting discounts, wink wink. More money for the coach?!

If you care about basketball and its reputation then you should welcome more transparency, anything less makes it shady, and corrupt tarnishing its name. I for one love the game!

I welcome your comments, questions or concerns.

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