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Posted by Funny on February 21, 2017 at 22:07:00:

In Reply to: Cali Rebels works for my son posted by Anne Sinek on February 21, 2017 at 20:20:07:

: : : : : : : He had 100 players to workout and these were the most horrible players I seen my son attends top 5 team in state just went to see what it's all about and ther all rejects non scholarship players

: : : : : : Great. What's wrong with "reject non-scholarship players" trying to come in and get better. If your son is so much better, congratulations. You don't have to play with this program. But what is the upside of assassinating the program or the kids involved? What do you get out of it?

: : : : : The point is all this False advertisement they have been doing online is a shame. They are just like Open Gym. No quality but about the money. I hear they are charging $2000 for the Spring and Summer. Can someone please tell me any player in their program that hey have developed and not borrowed from another team? I'll wait.

: : : : Two of the worst programs! all about money and kids never are good high school or college players!We waisted monry!

: : : What about the Cali Rebel team with Kendall Small, Stevie Thompson, Jeremy Hemsley, among others? They may have played under another name, but that was John Emaguna's team. They have many Varsity starter underclassmen around OC and outside of the OC playing for them. these may not be D1 guys, but there are quite a few good high school players, and guys that will play college ball. Complaining about the caliber of players at tryouts is ridiculous. Many guys that will make the teams are still in the playoffs or just finished and will most likely have another tryout opportunity. Stop whining society. Bunch of effing puh -C's.

: : Let's be honest that was Don Smalls team not John. It doesn't really matter who they had in the past we are talking about now. The point is that it's not about the quality of a program it's the quantity. Cali Rebels trying to get as many kids to fill their pockets. I would love to hear from a player or parent that was with them in the past. Let's get a real assessment and not a Cali Rebel coach vouching. The 1st parent was right on the money. Someone please check back in once the spring season start and see if what was promised is being delivered.

: Returning this year to Cali Rebels because John developed and supported my son, a leading scorer in Orange County basketball, and also sees the whole picture contacting colleges that fit him academically and athletically. But if that's not of value to you, you should definitely find another team. If you care that your son gets a good education while he also plays basketball, then Cali Rebels is the right place for your family.

All these post are hilarious. If Cali Rebels work for you and your son then so be it. People are caught on their feelings. It's just basketball. Who cares about Cali Rebels and John. For the parent who said Cali Rebels is good for your son, happy for you. No one cares. You must be that advocate that the other post mentioned. How much you have to pay to respond. At the end of the day Spring will be here soon. Let basketball determine the players and programs skill set. Talk is cheap. DELIVER.

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