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Posted by Agreed on February 20, 2017 at 10:32:45:

In Reply to: Re: Lavar & Chino > Jon Shaw & Village Christian posted by Enough is Enough on February 20, 2017 at 03:48:00:

: : : : : : : All this makes you wonder if Steve Alford has signed his soul to the devil - just hope the NCAA finds out how much that signature cost.

: : : : : : Usually it's the kid who crashes and burns when out of the nest. This time it will be daddy ball.

: : : : : Save it. Does Lavar go too far. 100%. But at least he's not hiding it. He's doing it out in the open and saying what his agenda is out in the open. He's hustling to get his kids as much shine as possible. Guys are saying that it's a problem with Lavar because he actually got a kid to UCLA who's a future pro. Is Gelo good. Hell nah. I don't think that Melo is good either. But Gelo is going to UCLA and Melo was on ESPN. Are we judging the results or the actions? Because if we're judging the actions I didn't see this for weird ass basketball at Buckley? Freedman's dad is trying to pimp out Bol Bol to get his son some shine, where's everybody on that? Village Christian is a Masters College alumni daddy ball, 5 kids left mid season, and ya'll tripping on Lavar's goofy ass?
: : : : : Save it. Lavar's goofy but he's real enough to do it openly. You guys are quick to get on the brother for doing it in the open but silent on the white folks trying to be lowkey dirty.

: : : : : Call his antics whatever you like. All the success his kids have had still can't by him any class. He gives all of us African Americans a bad name..

: : : I see that Freedman gets plenty of hits on this blog, but even if we were silent about him and the others, this ain't a race thing. Regardless of Lavar's race, he is a buffoon, period. Has nothing to do with the fact he is black. The other guys and Daddy ball etc ain't done on such a public, loud and obnoxious manner. Sure there are haters out there (Dinos, Tyler and Timmy's daddy and others), but this dude is a loud mouth jerk and it ain't hating or racist to say it.

: : You're wrong. It's worse when guys try to do daddy ball in private. Because now you have kids involved that didn't sign up for mess. The parents at Chino Hills know what to expect. So if your son is there then you know. None of us at Village knew what it was going to be. I don't like Lavar's antics but he's not a liar and is enthusiastic. Jon Shaw lied to a lot of families. Daniel Boatwright and the Starrs entered school in late September. Daniel started and it wasn't deserved. Charlie Prager did everything asked but Coach Shaw praised these transfers before they were eligible. Nothing was earned by Shaw's favorites and all he did was blame kids for every loss. He would literally say "You guys don't respect the game." He told kids this as if they don't see what's going on. Instead of being a man and admitting that kids left the program because of the atmosphere he created, he told the team that Majur was kidnapped. When he heard that another player was transferring he told Jack Pollon to say something about his age. That's the kind of person was coaching young men. So he's a bad basketball coach and person. Can we say that about Lavar? Maybe. But we know that we can say that about Jon Shaw.
: : Good kids left mid season. Every kid that stayed was happy when the season ended. At least Lavar isn't pretending to be a Christian guy, lying to everyone and robbing kids of their high school time, especially seniors.

: We expect kids to act like kids and adults to act like adults. Levar is an absolute joke and embarrassment to his family, Chino Hills and UCLA. Imagine every dad who thought his kid was the next MJ going nuts in public. We would have to give all parents mandatory drug testing or mental health exams. Enough is Enough !

I'm not close enough to the Shaw issue, though it sounds pretty bad. I guess Lavar gets kudos for so loudly, obnoxiously and unalologetically hijacking the program, but he did hinack the program and hosed every kid in the program from the 19th man on the varsity team that was just happy to be part of the program and be able to do layups in pregame to the 7th man that isn't a Ball or ball recruit that gets crap for minutes when he could likely be starting somewhere else. He is the reason Shilling (I know it is Gilling) and Faik (Baik) before him had all the Ball kids in pressing and shooting and trying to get theirs up 40, 50 or even 60 plus with less than 2 minutes left. That is atrocious, unsportsmanlike, selfish and just dickish. Basically who cares that we are up 60? We pressing and getting our stats. Who cares that we could have cleared the bench early in the 4th Q and get some other kids some PT? Who cares that it is demoralizing and horrifically unsportsmanlike to do that to another team? Lavar is too stupid and lucky to know that he was risking injuries during total garbage time that could have sidelined his money train (Zo).

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