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Posted by Coach on February 18, 2017 at 09:21:25:

In Reply to: Re: CIF equal. posted by ... on February 17, 2017 at 08:44:49:

: : : : : : : 40 blow out victories in 1st round games.
: : : : : : : Maybe playoffs should be looked at again based on that years talent not based on the overall of 2 years.

: : : : : : Too many divisions and therefore to many bad teams make it. High School basketball has a YMCA feel to it nowadays where let's reward everyone for participating.

: : : : : Some leagues are just awful. Bad teams would still qualify through league. There are teams that go winless in one league that can blow out an undefeated league champ of a lesser league. Many schools that missed the playoffs are better than the teams that made it over them.

: : : : : Make it a nine win minimum to make playoffs and things would be more fair.

: : : : What's your formula then?? One way or another someone will complain about something! How fo you set divisions, enrollment, private vs public, or past years formula? ? There's too many factors, including money for cif.. I love open personally, start from there, but what's your proposal for what's fair gor recruiting schools and local home bred talent schools???

: : : First of all, all top private and public schools recruit . I think CIF must use these guides: 1. Difficulty of schedule, use this for at large teams regardless of their record but played a tough schedule or league. 2. If you win league your in like in the old days. It meant something to win league. 3. Number of transfers , there's been way too many everywhere but that's another story. 4. Your record and schedule for the previous year. This should determine your division. Not sure it's the answer but at least keeping it real

: : The poster above is correct in that the top private and public schools recruit. They should all be in IAA. There are a few left that are not in IAA but they should be. Keep the Open Division, that has made it more fair and exciting. All the rest of the divisions besides IAA should be based on school size- if a school does not recruit why should it be penalized for success. The way it is now you have some schools over twice the size of other schools in the same division. This would be a more fair syste. I must give CIF credit for creating the Open Division. In the old days recruiting schools were placed throughout all the divisions and that was really not fair to the schools who did not recruit.

: Well the formula looks like it is set up to become more effective as it is implemented better. That being said one of the issues is the strength of leagues, the leagues area mess, but that is mostly because they need to be somewhat geographical just due to travel times.

End of year placement would be best, but getting all of the correct information in in a timely manner would be a huge issue - League Champions as the only automatic qualifiers is the next best thing to do - As posted above, there were some really bad teams in some really bad leagues that got into the playoffs, while there were some good teams in tough leagues that did not get in - Each year divisions will be adjusted, but keeping automatic qualifiers from poor leagues will always be an issue - Many coaches did not know about the .500 rule, so thus did not adjust their schedules to ensure that they would hit it - They will do this next year - That rule should be abolished, especially if there are automatic league qualifiers - CIF wanted all sports to have the .500 rule -

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