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Posted by AC on February 16, 2017 at 17:14:35:

In Reply to: Comedy posted by Valley Coach on February 16, 2017 at 15:57:39:

: : : : : : Dad! your kid is not D2, D3 or the dreamed about D1...your "at large" team just got bounced from the 1st round of playoffs!!!!!....ahahahaha..."dream on, dream on....

: : : : : Interesting topic here. Here is the problem- you have younger, inexperienced coaches coaching at schools like WR, Valencia and Canyon. Nothing against those guys, I'm sure they're decent coaches, but inexperienced.
: : : : : I know of several players who quit WR because they don't like Shant. I'm my opinion, he's a great coach, just not a good people person. Does he enstill good work ethic and moral values in his player? Probably not. Take James for example- he was never a top player when he played, but he's a great coach. Is the WR program biased towards kids who play for James' club team? Yes, of course. I know first hand because my kid was cut his freshman year. He had several other Foothill coaches asking him to play for other schools, and he chose to stay where his friends are and to get a great education at a top ranked public school. Sure, I understand why kids like Penberthy and Riley want to go to private schools in the Mission league, but the reality is these kids will never go D3 or better. They want to stay at a school where their friends are and where they feel like they are in their comfort zone.
: : : : : Coach Kelly at Hart runs a great program, Valencia has always had a decent program. Canyon and Golden never know what's going on there. It's all politics and you have parents with more money than god. Me, I'm just a dumb blue collar government employee who is glad my kid is getting a great education where he's at.
: : : : : All these Santa Clarita parents who are on here bashing coaches and hiding behind their keyboards on an anonymous message board are pathetic.
: : : : : There is more to life than high school basketball. I ask my son if he wants to try out again for the basketball team, and he tells me, "No. I don't think the coaches want me to play because I'm not good enough and I don't play for their club team."
: : : : : Sure there's other club teams- Playmakers had Kodoma and Akano- Impact had the big kid from Golden Valley and some others. I'm sure Cal Storm had a few too.
: : : : : Who cares who they play for? Just take the talented and athletic ones who want to get better and a good coach can mold them into great players.
: : : : : Rant over. Peace out!

: : : : Inexperienced coach at Valencia?? He coached at Canyon for 12 years and now in his 3rd year at Valencia. Good try though.

: : : Riley and Penberthy are not in the Mission League. They couldn't play there. They are in bottom of Olympic League!

: : I was referring to the lower level coaches. But thanks for pointing out how experienced he is.
: : Mission league, Olympic league.... hahaha. It doesn't matter.

: That was dumba$$ rant. Let's start with I'm not the West Ranch pg's dad. The kid is a possible D2 guard. Stop hating. That's why the kids that can play leave that area. Can't give a compliment or honest assessment without being called a dad. Lol The guy that's ranting doesn't even know how long his "inexperienced" coaches have been coaching. It's not that they're inexperienced, they're just not good. Facts are facts. Here's another fact. Penberthy and Riley went to Village so that they don't have to compete for anything. Riley wasn't going to start over West Ranch's guard. There's no way. So he ran back Village after he left them. Idk if it's lamer for the coach or for the family that ran back. Were those the examples of players that left Santa Clarita to play somewhere else? You have Riley, Penberthy and Starr from that area at the bottom of the Olympic league. They should've just went to a local public school. LMAO

Valley Coach,
I know you're not referring to me because I made no mention of Kodoma's skill. He's a great PG, and my son knows him and his Dad personally.
As far as the experience level of the coaches, I was referring to a few- but thanks for being so defensive. Apparently I don't know what the Eff I'm talking about. Lol

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