CIF should investigate Village Christian then

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Posted by Foothill fan on February 16, 2017 at 11:22:49:

In Reply to: Re: Chaminade posted by Parent with son playing on February 16, 2017 at 10:36:10:

: : : : Chaminade lost. Even with the loss Palarz is coach of the year. Our 1 division one player, who's 7'0", left. We were 1-11 in league last year. Palarz got us back to some respectability and to the playoffs.
: : : : Build a statue of the little bald angel. Make any student applying have to bow down to it priotpr you entering the admissions office. Current students have you rub the bald head three times every morning. Build the statue.
: : : : Oh, Havard Westlake beat West Ranch High School. Go back to the foothill and don't play with the Mission league.

: : : Anything is better then the politics that went on there the last few yrs .thank god they got rid of Ryan Moore . They lost Makur due to politics and a lot of parents complaining that JoeA kid would have to play to keep him around . Makur saw the writing on the wall. Palarz had talent.. Four good seniors and Kj. Mission league was also soft and lots of injuries.. Webb hurt this program but proud the seniors pulled through and played well. Go eagles proud of the boys but the administration is a disappointment .
: I
: : Do you feel that the administration has changed or do you feel that there still are issues? If there are issues there, what are they?

: I have seen a very tough change to the program due to the President and impact basketball doing what has been best for their boys . Not the teams best interest or the boys that wanted to play for Chaminade and were unjustly manipulated out of the program . If we look at the freshman team and jv team from 2 hrs back Not many are still playing and especially the more talented boys . I could name many as the administration did nothing . They let the kids leave the school or cut them . Mr Webb created a better situation for his son . Nothin against his son but he hurt many families due to his selfishness. The Cif was investigating the program is the word from people that left and that's why they caught Moore in a lie . Also the Makur situation they were looking into and the playing time of certain kids to manipulate the recruiting . The good news Moore is gone . I think when certain kids are out of the program it will become fair again but the administration has never admitted to what they actually did . Palarz a much better and more independent coach and doesn't go along with the Abunnasar playing time . Go eagles and I am glad for the current kids that it will improve😀😀😀

Hold up. If Chaminade was being investigated for those reasons then why isn't Village Christian under investigation?
1) How many kids left that program in the MIDDLE OF THE SEASON?! That says that something is going on.
2) Jalen Riley left Village, went to West Ranch & then back to Village. Forget how he plays. There was no tampering there?
3) The Starr brothers came to Heritage, was going to back up & went to Village that has a college buddy of the Starr's dad.
4) Everybody knows that Jon Shaw is shady & none of those kids like him.
So by your reasons then Village should be under investigation & probably shouldn't even be in the playoffs.

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