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Posted by City Barber Shop on February 12, 2017 at 21:01:20:

In Reply to: Re: Dinos's hypocrisy posted by Never said that on February 12, 2017 at 13:08:43:

: : : : : : : So we all know Dinos has been bashing the Balls and hating on their way of doing things like this comment: "You can bring awareness to something important like #Love4Lexi by playing the game the right way, without having to disrespect your opponents or teammates and by winning with honor." Of course, one could agree with his position on Lavar and the whole Ball circus, but how can he get away with advertising the fact that Melo attended one of his Pangos camps, that we all know didn't cost Lavar a penny? Dinos straight posting pictures of Melo at like 9 years old in a Pangos jersey after he goes for 92, but then continues to bash the manner in which he scored the 92.

: : : : : : Did it ever cross your mind that he clowning you and exposing main stream hoops media's false narrative that the Balls boycotted AAU circuit?

: : : : : Don't think that is what he was doing, sorry. Hypocrite plain and simple

: : : : He's a hypocrite. Even somebody is saying that he's trying to be deep and say that he's poking fun at something then they're just making a lame excuse. Dinos is proving that he's just made that he couldn't make coin off of the Ball brothers.

: : : Mad about not making coin, jealous of the pub and success and kissed he can't claim them for having played on Belmont Shore or appearing at is super top 60, 30, 20, 10 camps, or his other Pangos money grubbing events. Now he is a basketball purist? Respect the game, respect the opponent, win with honor? GTFOH with that BS Dinos. Yo ass be laughing all the way to the bank, with honor. Hahaha.

: : As a dad of a current D1 player, I saw Lonzo play at Dino's Frosh/Soph Camp as well as his Pangos All-American Camp. Not sure what your point is about them not appearing at his events is all about.

: Congrats on being a D1 dad. That is awesome and the free college just made retirement of your eventual retirement that much nice and your kids start to real life after college and ball, assuming he or she doesn't play professionally, that much easier. My point was that Dinos blasts the living hell out of Lavar and how he behaves (I agree with Dinos here), how the Ball brothers play, and how CHHS wins etc, all while marketing the couple of times the Balls participated in his bullshit events. Plain and simple Dinos is a hypocrite. Melo is 14 now and getting insane publicity and Dinos goes into the archives to get a photo of Melo at one of his camps when he was like 9 to get some likes, followers and/or comments. Just stay consistent. You hate everything Lavar stands for, he stiffed yo ass, didn't pay you one red cent for his boys to appear at your bs "camps" or all star super 64, Fab 48, mega 60, 40, 30 or 10 events (Lavar and the crew probably didn't pay entry fees or parking either) but you tweet out shit about Melo in you Pangos jersey? Like I said before GTFOH Dinos. Delete or ban me like a true libtard that you are for telling the truth is fine with me.

I kinda like that pic of a young Melo with short hair! Not sure why you are bent out of shape about a photo. Was it photo-shopped or something?

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