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Posted by What? on February 08, 2017 at 13:39:15:

In Reply to: Remember this posted by Winner on February 08, 2017 at 11:12:39:

: : : : This won't happen often but I'm agreeing with Jack Pollon on something. I know! He's actually making sense. Jack said that Chino Hills’ style of play is not a winning style. So of course every guy that played jv basketball and now twitter basketball experts want to bash him. I know that Hack Jack is a one but he's sometimes right. Anyhoo... Jack is right on this one. Don't tell me about their record. Chino Hills' style of play does not result in wins. Big O is why they win. The sacrifices by 2-3 athletic kids on that team so that the Ball Brothers can cherry pick and shoot whenever they please is why they win.
: : : : "Justin, why can't you be happy to see a SoCal team do well and enjoy the Ball Brothers bringing glory to SoCal..." Shut up! Shut the FVCK UP! Go drown in a puddle you basketball moron! Do you really think that Gelo is "resting" or "hurt"? That kid is banned because he embarrassed the family with his 10% 3 point shooting. Do you really think that Melo shot nearly 70 shots for a friend in the hospital? If I'm in the hospital I don't give a rats a$$ about your shots. Do you think that Melo was not going to cherry pick and actually play defense but said to himself, "You know what. I'm going to shoot alot for my friend in the hospital.” If you believe this Lavar Ball pr stunt then I hope that you drink Magic Johnson’s used toilet water.
: : : : I need to know what Lavar is saying to Big O to keep him there. I really do. Lavar does not look like a charismatic guy but his kool-aid is potent.
: : : : My son was in the car today and said that I’m just stuck on old basketball, new hoops looks good and that I’m a “hater.” First of all, you’re 50% from the layup line so don’t talk about basketball to me. Second, your girlfriend looks like a zombie from Walking Dead. I’m on the verge of asking her to enter the house from the back because she’s scaring the neighbors. You know nothing about what looks good. Third, stop calling everything that you disagree with as “hate.”
: : : : Gelo is a division 3 player. He can go division 2 and do well his final 2 years. He can go NAIA and do well right away. But now he’s going to take a division 1 scholarship from a kid that actually deserves it. “So what Justin?!” Shut up! Did you know that Russell Westbrook was a late addition to UCLA. So imagine Russell Westbrook not getting a scholarship because Gelo is on campus. Yeah… let that sink in.
: : : : Anyone that actually knows basketball and has watched a Chino Hills game is not impressed by Lamelo. I saw a game and was very impressed by Big O and he received 2 passes the entire game. I’m serious. Two!
: : : : It’s hard to dislike or discredit 92 points. But anyone that has seen a Chino Hills game is brushing this off. I know, I know… 92.

: : : Jim Buss lied to us. He’s staying in the Lakers’ front office. This is very disappointing. This day is starting off very bad. Was he contractually supposed to leave? I feel like Castor Troy watching Lavar Ball run a team except with no wins.

: : This is how simple it is guys! Etop told Big O "go sacrifice your high school career and I will get you attention on the AAU circuit." That way Etop can say "see what I did with this kid." Etop will say AAU made Big O a top notch recruit and it's sad because Big O is getting played. Big O should have gone to Olu and we would be talking nightly about him putting up 30 points and 12-15 rebounds. People would be slobbering over the kid. Instead, he gets NO pub at all. YES Big O will get his D1 scholarship but the word "sacrifice" should have never been used when it comes down to his high school career.

: I'm sure Big O will remember that he was a undefeated NATIONAL champion as a freshman. Let that sink for a bit! How many kids can say that?

Wait-- are we talking about ESPN 5-star, ranked #8 in the nation, #1 in the state, top 2 center in the country, Oneka Okongwu? The guy who was offered scholarships to UCLA and USC midway through his freshman year, before he'd ever played a game for etop?

This is the kid you guys are worrying about languishing in obscurity?

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