Re: Words Of Wisdom To Melo Ball & Family

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Posted by Observer on February 08, 2017 at 09:25:25:

In Reply to: Re: Words Of Wisdom To Melo Ball & Family posted by Coach on February 08, 2017 at 08:53:32:

: : : : : Listen and learn so this kid does not end up burned.

: : : : Did anyone watch the highlight video on Bleacher Report? He rarely gets back on defense. Los Osos scores, the closest Chino Hills player takes it out of the net and chucks it down to Melo on the other side. Cherry Picking at its finest.

: : : shut the hell up, enjoy the show while you can. you guys cry about everything and anything, this fresh and new "gimmick" ball will only be around for a couple more years, you can then go back to your boring ass traditional ball, so just wait it out. i can assure you that his skill and mind set will carry him very very far, the deficiencies you speak of are easily fixed. 61 is a lot of shots but guarantee you that 99% of the rest of the high school population couldn't score that much even with same amount of attempts.

: : Bottom Line, 92 points is 92 points. That is hard to do period unless you create yourself in a video game.

: Congrats! The Ball brothers have dominated high school basketball! Have seen only one coach or trainer shoot it like these brothers. Coach Moore who can teach and shoot it like them. Be happy for players who put in the time and become great!

A few years ago RC High School had a player who was allowed to put up 40+ shots a game. He never made it to the next level but the thing I remember the most was he had no worries. The coach encouraged it. What a luxury. Most kids play with the fear of what any mistake my mean in terms of minutes, shots, etc. I disagree with the people who say not a lot of players could accomplish this. If you play on teams your whole life coached by family, under the comfort of your brothers and coaches that allow you to play this way, then I would imagine as time goes by, it would become easier and easier. This, has allowed his game to grow in confidence and he has that. But he has been afforded an opportunity that very few players get in this game.

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