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Posted by fan in the stands on February 07, 2017 at 03:07:00:

In Reply to: Re: That was awesome!!!! posted by Krispy Kreme on February 06, 2017 at 08:58:59:

: : : : : At the Nike Extravagza tonight, a fat white adminstrator with a white beard yelled at an oak hills player, from behind the chino hills bench, really classless, 3 of us heard it as we were sitting in the first row, we can't remember an admistrator or trainer or just a groupie yelling at an opposing play
: : : : : Comment was hey 5 get his autograph he's going to ucla, really bush league

: : : : Lavar has acted a fool for 5 years at CHHS so he's set the example for many fans to come. Thanks CIF for allowing the bully to do whatever he wants to do.

: : : He ain't done. Was the old guy the white grandpa? They all are drinking Lavar's koolaid

: : The Nike Extravaganza didn't show good basketball. It showed how adults are killing high school sports for fans and the experience for kids.

: : Jack Pollon's tweet
: : "village chr. and mater dei were tied at 27 with under 6:30 to go third qtr. last night; village played tough on the road"

: : Coach Shaw at Village has Jack in his pocket. This funny tweet says it all. But if you're a Village parent, player or coach that this means ANYTHING good about your team then you're a fool. 1-Mater Dei wasn't playing you tough. 2-If you're tied with 6:30 in the 3rd and lose the game by 40, then all of your coaches need to step down. Bring up jv players & try to build there.

: : Village Christian's Athletics & the basketball twitter accounts retweeted that tweet. That shows how crazy that school is. Are these adults that egotistical? Calvin Taylor asked Jack how much did Coach Shaw pay him for that. I'd like to know to.

: : Whoever Ronnie Flores is he's obviously a major investor in Big Baller Brand. At least a 30% share holder. He called Lamelo Ball "outstanding." If "outstanding" means "just not as bad as Gelo" then yes. Some time last year I said that Gelo's life would be easier at UCSB or CSUN where he can lead the team in scoring his final 2 years and then have the prettiest girl at the family Thanksgiving dinners. Don't tell me about Lonzo's NBA $. Have you seen the alien in makeup that Julius Randle calls a girlfriend? When I watch CHHS play I look at their supporters in the stands and Lavar and Tina Ball. What level of hypnosis does Lavar have on these people? Gelo may have passed three times the entire game and shot over 20 threes. People are saying that he went 4/22 but I'm pretty sure that he shot more.

: : Castor Troy has his "Gelo 3 Star recruit" tshirts ready. Lavar is pulling up Jordan's worst game stats now to compare. Flores is trying to do a Pollon and glaze over the negatives and truth to sell a false story to the people that don't know basketball. Sondheimer is wiping his tears away with one of Lavar's dirty socks that he stole from the Ball's laundry. Tina is editing a highlights of the game. So expect a Lamelo reel tomorrow. Dinos is laughing so hysterically loud right now that I can hear him over the loud and bad music at the bar in this Santa Ana strip club.

: : Why are you there Justin? Santa Ana is a portal to hell and the dancers are in the 1st phase of drugs and despair. But it's still less dirty and shadier than the mess that I typed above. We're watching adults ruin high school sports and not being called on it. Yes Dinos calls out CHHS but that's only because he couldn't pimp out the players there. What if Sondheimer and Flores did the right thing and wrote about the truth in the game? That 2 brothers benefit from nepotism so much that the best player on the team does not touch the ball if it's not from a rebound. What if Pollon wrote about Village Christian's terrible coaching staff and what that place must be like if 5 players left MID SEASON and the school takes moral victories in getting blown out by 40 in the 4th quarter? Does anyone else see how insular and insane that place seems to be? What if Bagley was treated fairly and allowed to play last year after moving... FROM ARIZONA? All he did was dominate today.

: : This is where I thank everyone that listened to me about Chaminade. People listened, looked, saw the truths that I said and talked about it. We changed what was headed down a Ballish, Villagesque path. I hope you guys continue to do so and make these programs accountable to be fair to these kids and not let these adults continue with these abusive behaviors.

: I absolutely love what you wrote! How true and how true of you to call out the sports writers who drink the kool-aid. The whole bubble of high school is so out of whack it would be nice to see it pop like the tower of Babel and see all of these coaches coach your normal everyday player instead of the great athletes handed to them on the silver platter they bought (or sold their souls to get). Thank you...

Dinos calls out Chino Hills because its a circus full of clowns. Only guy with real Balls (no pun intended) to call it like it is - a Daddy Ball Takeover

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