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Posted by juggernaut on February 06, 2017 at 15:30:46:

In Reply to: Re: Village vs Mater Dei posted by clipperjones on February 06, 2017 at 15:27:21:

: : : : : : : : : VCS president reached out to a Mission league assistant coach & a former assistant coach about the boys varsity program. The best move would be to make a change before they lose more kids. Scranton might be the next to leave. A quick change might be coming.

: : : : : : : : I meant a current mission league assistant coach & a former Oaks Christian coach.

: : : : : : : Not sure a school's president would do that in the middle of the season. It's unprofessional and not in the best interest of the program. Plenty of time to fire and hire after season ends. Besides who the hell is a good assistant coach in the mission league worthy of enticing to take over. Only a few of their head coaches are worth mentioning.

: : : : : : What? It'd be unprofessional not to start that search now. We're talking about Village right? They better get a coach in right at the end of the season before they lose more kids. And you want to show families that you care about the culture & values around their kid. Village is poison. What are you talking about that there's no good assistant coaches in the Mission? Loyola, Crespi and Chaminade has assistant coaches better than Village's head coach. Harvard Westlake's jv coach is better than Village's head coach. That's where Village should go. Get Coach Moore from HW.

: : : : : Village plays Mater Dei on Friday. Does a win against Mater Dei erase the horrible past 2 years? Any chance that Village can pull off an upset?

: : : : Child please. You're smoking chonky mccaca mcchonknokush

: : : That was the funniest chonk ever. Dude said child please. Lmao.
: : : The best move by Village is to introduce a new coach the day after the final game. Even if Village makes the playoffs they're a quick out. Coach Moore from HW would be a big time improvement from Shaw. He was a good player, went to ASU and coaching the heck out of HW jv. Shaw was 4th string at a naia and played for Bill Oates and Coach Oates didn't think much of him. But is Village really changing for the better. They might bring Shaw back or hire Penberthy to coach his son.
: : : Village should lose to Mater Dei by 40+. But I think that it'll be around 25 after some garbage buckets. Mater Dei only book them for a warmup for Saturday's game. Those Village upperclassmen better go for theirs. This will be the only game for you where college scouts are in the stands. You have nothing to lose and something to gain. B4 anyone replies with "play the right way" have you seen a Village hoops game. They haven't played the right way before. Why start now?

: : Is Village a job that HW assistant coach would want? Isn't everyone gone? Now that the current coach gave Jack Pollon the dob of a player, any shot of that player going back is gone.
: : Village will not beat Mater Dei. Anyone that thinks that they have a chance is looney. It's a scrimmage for Mater Dei for the real game.

: Heritage Christian/Julian/club coaches trying to poor hot water on the village program about coaching changes. Win Program has been at the top the last 5-6 years. Daddy ball cries on the 405. Win a league championship, cif or state championship, before you kick dirt on the grave.
: Heritage is a circus clown off the fwy that can't even win a league championship in the weakest division. You lost 4 transfers this year, Boatwright is not coming to your school, and you will never win anything long term except a Todd Wilson/Tait home school pizza program in sales. Village had NO program bf Shaw arrived. LMAO at the daddies, aau, an the yellow bus program of Heritage Christian that hasn't WON a chucky cheese pizza party yet. HOME school league champs - coach of the year - paul tait/todd wilson

Tait coaches in a rodeo suit after shoveling dirt with his staff and HOT BOXING in the home school program. Lose at home after being up 17 in the 4th to Village. 405 home school CHAMPIONS - LMAO

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