Stop blaming AAU & giving passes to bad high school coaches

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Posted by Justin Credible on February 04, 2017 at 11:57:17:

In Reply to: AGREE !!! posted by Club ball killing American basketball on February 04, 2017 at 10:31:53:

: Because club coaches just teach fast break and out of control pressure D one can run set plays, play 1/2 court style, hit the mid range jumper.......its embarrassing basketball- Chuck 3's and penetrate to the rim without any other fundamental skills. - can't feed the post, can't run pick & roll, no one can shoot off dribble. Disgusting display of basketball in USA.

: : : : : : Laker fans are you blind ? They are just bad !

: : : : : Lakers will not attrack a good free agent. No one wants to play there and rebuild .

: : : The problem is that they are young and young guys want money(well,we all do).The issue the Lakers will have is that when these young guys get good and Lakers improve they will be free agents and leave for a big contract (totally understandable). Thus, restarting the rebuilding process. Vicious cycle they will be in. In NBA now, you have to beat these guys to the punch and trade them before they leave and you get nothing (see:LeBron,Kevin Durant,et al). Trade DeAngelo Rusell..

: : Get more International players. Look at San Antonio. Look at Utah,they are getting good and have 7 international guys. American players greedy and self centered. Me,me,me. They grow up in Club/AAU mentality. International guys play team ball.

Stop blaming club ball. In the past 4 years I've seen more negative things in high school basketball than AAU. It's really annoying watching you guys give passes to these terrible, terrible high school coaches. Remember Ryan "Massacre" Moore when he was with Chaminade? People were defending him. Are we going to pretend that Sierra Canyon's head coach is doing anything more than running pick up basketball. I've called more plays during my morning runs at Equinox. Are you going to talk about nepotism and unearned opportunities? I'll give you Chino Hills, Village Christian and Bishop Montgomery. Oh no, did he say Bishop Montgomery. Yes! Are we pretending that there aren't cif connections there?
Chino Hills is nepotism on roids and road rage. They're killing other kids' opportunities and couldn't care less. Good basketball? The only person that believes that is Sondy. Kudos to Jack Pollon for having the common sense to call Sondy out on that ridiculousness.
Village Christian is the epitome of a negative, poisonous place. Thank you to the parent/insider for giving a curious mind information yesterday. A parent watching a team lose, like they did against Mater Dei, will give info. Bad coaching, bad basketball, unearned opportunities, scheduling for easy wins, lies by coaches, mistrust between families and coaches. That's the negatives that people place on club ball that's at Village.
Blame high school coaches for what's happening. There's not enough coaches like Loyola, Crespi or even Harvard Westlake has. Don't be afraid to call out the Ryan Moores or Village Christian coaches of the world.

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